Wet N Wild Megalast Salon Nail Color Review

I love nail varnish. And what’s more is I love nail varnish brands that offer the full package: great color, great coverage, great drying power and great lasting power. Those are the key factors for me.

While in NYC in November, a drug store in Manhattan had a sale across their Wet N Wild range and I got sooooo much! Three of the things I purchased were nail varnishes from their Megalast Salon Color range.


The first one I tried was ‘Through the Grapevine‘ and this polish has become my absolute all time favorite nail polish!! I love the color, the finish, the fact it’s got perfect coverage with one coat and the color just goes so amazingly with my fabulous platinum engagement ring (that I also was given in NYC!! 🙂 ).

Wet N Wild Through The Grapevine Review

Look at that shine! Even with my baby finger nails lol! There is no gloss / finishing varnish over this! I’m yet to try the other two colors cause all I literally wear now is Through the Grapevine but the shades are perfect for Spring so it won’t be long until I break them out!

The other colors I got were:

  • On a Trip
  • I need a Refresh – Mint

Wet N Wild have become huge in Ireland now and for the quality of the products at the amazing prices they are available at you’d be mad not to have them in your collection! They are even on sale in Penneys now!

Have any of you tried any of the Wet N Wild Megalast Salon Nail Color range? What did you think?

Hugs and love,


Image Disclaimer: I live in Ireland, it’s winter and the weather / light sucks so my apologies for the dark light in the photographs taken during this time.


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  1. I love the gorgeous, virbrant colours 🙂 Looks fab on you hun x

  2. Danielle (@Lilliwhiterose)

    Love the colours! We have no wet n wild stand near me but next time I’m in Dublin I’m going to make a beeline for these! Love your engagement ring xx

  3. I love these polishes, I think I own the mint shade. They go on really well and last ages

  4. i only have one wet n’ wild nail polish, and it is the only nail polish i have ever tried which lasts for days without chipping! it’s the best!

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