Wandering Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way – Review

Wandering Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way by Paul Clements is a lighthearted memoir about travelling along Ireland’s most famous coastal route, the Wild Atlantic Way! I was sent this book to read and I found it so heartwarming. I’ve not read a travel book before and I found it a lovely change from my usual blogs and newspaper features.

Wandering Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way featured lots of great stories and accounts from Paul’s exciting journey; one he had hitch-hiked many years ago and redone by car to write this memoir.


Paul’s style of writing is very informal and with every page, it felt as though he was telling a story over a cup of coffee! His lighthearted approach is what kept me intrigued as I read about the places he visited and the different people he met along the way. I also learnt a lot about the West and its various hidden gems and I’m just dying to hop into the car and retrace Paul’s steps.

I also loved that the book was broken down into sections with a map at the start of each, it felt as though I was on the road trip with him! He really takes you there with his humorous, reliable writing style.

My only downside of the book is that I did expect the accompanying travel pictures to be in colour and I was disappointed to see them in black and white. I’m a very visual person and I think this is an important thing to have in a travel book. They would have taken the featured stories to the next level.


Overall though, this book was a really lovely read and I’d recommend it to any travel lover.


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