Top Tips for booking a Multi-Destination Honeymoon / Holiday

When it came to our honeymoon, I (we) knew, that one destination just would not be enough and so the plan was to always visit 2-3 destinations as part of the trip. So how did we decide what to do, where to go and what to do first? Well, there was a number of factors that influenced this. From those who done similar trips before, to cost, to trip flow, we spent the time seeing how we could best maximise our time and how best we could build a 2 week or so honeymoon.


In the end, our trip ended on 23 hotel nights, approximately 3.5 weeks in length and you know what, this was just the perfect length! And, if you’re planning a honeymoon or even planning an exciting holiday that’s on a long-haul route this post should help you. Β These are my top tips for booking a multi-destination honeymoon / holiday! Β 

Take out a Map (or you know, Google one!)

The most obvious thing you can do is take out a map and decide what part of the world you want to visit. We skipped this step in a sense as we always knew we wanted to head West towards the USA and Caribbean. But get the map out, have a chat and work out where you want to see. And, once you decide on the main location of your honeymoon, you can build on surrounding destinations then.

Talk to the Experts

I know booking online is all the rage and when it comes to a cheap weekend away, I’m all for it. BUT, honeymoons are generally expensive and personally, I feel more comfortable handing a large sum of my hard earned money to a Tour Operator to do everything for me instead of throwing it at random websites just to save a few Euro. Its peace of mind, its security and its great to get advice from those who have been to the destinations before and quite frankly, those who know best!

We booked our honeymoon with Tour America and couldn’t recommend the company enough. Yes, I work for Tour America BUT, there were elements of our trip that I didn’t have a great knowledge on and the Tour America Travel Experts (Sales Team) knew so much and had plenty of tips for me – just like they would have for you! πŸ™‚

An example of this was when I was telling a co-worker of mine that I was going to do New York first on our trip and Mexico last. She told me I’d need to reverse that because I’d be so tired after the wedding. She had done a similar honeymoon the year before and so I trusted her opinion and guess what? She was right! We needed the chill time first!


Budget, Budget, Budget

Technically this should go first on this list BUT, many who are planning honeymoons or multi-destination holidays have a budget in mind that is so unrealistic so that’s why I’ve popped this here, after you talk to the experts. Yes, there are deals to be had but chances are, especially for a honeymoon, you’re going to be wanting the best hotels, upgraded seats etc. You need to be realistic with your budget once you’ve an idea of the cost. Then, you can tailor back what you do or maybe even add on more nights if you wish.

Plan your Honeymoon / Holiday Itinerary

Once you decide what way you want to go and once you’ve considered all of your options, its time to finalise the bones of your route. Our itinerary was:

  • Mexico – 8 nights
  • Las Vegas – 3 nights
  • Fort Lauderdale, Florida Β – 1 night
  • Eastern Caribbean Cruise – Royal Caribbean’s Allure of the Seas – 7 nights
  • New York City – 3 nights


Don’t always go with the obvious Travel Route

When planning a multi-centre trip, you may need to get multiple flights. Us, we had 8 flights in 3 weeks and so we wanted our routes to be as easy as possible. An example of me making our travel journey a bit easier was for our flight from Las Vegas to Fort Lauderdale, for which there is no direct flight. I had mentioned this to my co-worker Ross from the Sales Team in Tour America and he said, why don’t you take the direct Vegas-Miami flight and catch a 40 minute transfer up to Fort Lauderdale.

Yes we flew to a different Florida city BUT, we got a direct flight, flew overnight so we were able to sleep en-route AND we cut back on travel time. It worked out around $75 more each with the transfer but boy was it worth it to not have to get connecting flights! (Another reason its great to talk to the experts!). Thanks Ross! πŸ˜€

Get Booking – Don’t Hesitate and Wait until the Last Minute!

Once you’re set on your destinations, your budget, your price, your deposit etc and you’re happy to book your trip, book it! You’d be so surprised how quickly prices can rise and so its always best to book when you reach your desired cost. If you’re booking something at a special rate, make sure not to miss out on it expiring by booking when you see the promo! We booked our Royal Caribbean cruise the day before their All Inclusive drinks package promotion ended and so we not only got a great deal on our cruise, we got a free drinks package as well! The value of having this included for free was huge.


Please also remember, the earlier you book, the better the deals! That’s my number one travel rule – plan, plan, plan!

Research, Research, Research

So, you’ve confirmed your trip and you’re ready to go – what’s next!? Planning your activities of course! We had previously visited most of the places we went before and so we wanted to make our experience in each destination different and extra special. So to do that, we did research on all of the things we hadn’t done before and we booked new exciting attractions and experiences! More on that in a few posts time though πŸ˜‰


But that’s really all there is to it – start with your focus destination, see what fits well with it, talk to the experts, work out the cost, take advantage of promotions and book early. And, if you follow these tips, you’re sure to have the multi-destination honeymoon / holiday of your dreams! We sure did! <3

Hopefully you have found these tips useful and hopefully you enjoyed my real life examples from booking my own mega-honeymoon! Stay tuned for all my follow up honeymoon posts where I talk about where we stayed, what excursions we did, top cruise tips and more! And, if you’ve any tips to add for brides to be, pop them in the comments below! Same goes for questions.

Check out photos from my wedding day in my last blog postΒ HERE.

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