Tips to Reduce Anxiety

I never talk about the fact that I have anxiety on my blog. This is probably the first mention of it ever but I do indeed have anxiety and I live with it everyday. Anxiety to me is like a little dark cloud that appears every so often and follows me around.

It’s hard to explain if you’ve never experienced it but it brings with it worry, stress, panic attacks, sometimes nausea and even irrational, paranoid thoughts. All this sounds extreme but 90% of the time, I have my anxiety under control.

This past week however I’ve really been struggling with it and I need to make the anxiety cloud hanging over me go away. And although I’ve very open out my anxiety, I can also hide it very well with my smiling face and happy outlook.

To help myself this week and hopefully maybe someone suffering in silence, I’ve decided to list my tips to reducing my anxiety. So here goes!

1. Talk about it

As I said I’m now very open about my anxiety and if I feel anxious over anything I need to get it out. I can’t hold it in or it eats me alive so whether it’s work, something personal or something silly, I always feel a sense of relief when I chat it out.

2. Take a Shower

Showers are like therapy for me. If I’m anxious I would stand in the shower for what feels like forever. I always feel cleansed from it and tonight my shower totally has really helped me to sit down and write this post.

3. Go for a Walk

Seriously, fresh air does me so much good. I hate this shite rainy weather at the moment because I can’t get out on my lunch and walk. I walk the shite out of my anxiety when I can and I have decided that I need to own a bike by the end of this week so I can cycle the shite out of it as well.

4. Treat Yourself

They say money can’t buy happiness but when I’m feeling blue I will treat myself to something. It might be a new pair of shoes, a dress or a DVD but if I need a boost I like to treat myself to something!

5. Write down your Thoughts

I don’t take medication for my anxiety so I do mind exercises when I can or when I need too. When I go through tough phases I take out my anxiety notebook and write down three things I am grateful for from that day. It helps put things into perspective so that I realise it’s not the end of the world.

6. Meditate / Take 10 minutes of your day to unwind

I love looking up meditation music on Youtube and just lying flat on the bed with no distractions. I lie there and I relax. I think about my fingers, toes, eyes, legs and I let them all relax. It works wonders for me.

Anxiety it not a Weakness

Anxiety isn’t a weakness. I really believe that. In fact it is a massive part of who I am and I wouldn’t be the little go-getter I am if I didn’t have my anxiety egging and pushing me on. It’s tough to deal with and it’s hard when people don’t understand what you’re going through but I just remind myself that those who care understand and are there for me when I need them.


I hope this post helps you to reduce your anxiety when it flares up. I know so many people who don’t know how to deal with the symptoms so this is for you. And if you have anxiety and you have different ways of dealing with it – please comment below. I am going through a bad patch at the moment and I need all the help and understanding I can get.

Hugs and love,


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  1. Great post, really well written! Well done hun! Xo


    Great post. I suffer an awful lot too. I find the shower really relaxing aswell. Hope you feel better soon x

  3. Really glad you wrote this post and love hearing more people come out about it. I find it hard to go for walks/fresh air mainly because I am usually trapped indoors or I actually want to escape from somewhere- but I swear there is something about exercise that just helps?!!! Great tips on meditating and notebooks too, I would never personally go back to meds again, all they do is make you sleep and feel empty & I just don’t think that’s a life xxx

    • I know that feeling Jessica, I’d have to force myself to get out but once I do I’m glad because the fresh air really does help!! Xxx

  4. Thank you so much for this post, I’ve been suffering from anxiety for quite some time and was recently diagnosed with Clinical depression and found it very hard to come to terms with, I struggle to control my anxiety attacks and became very secluded, I find it quite hard to even leave the house but once I do force myself too It does help calm me a lot, the best way I can deal with it is surrounding myself with the people closest to me,I’m usually at my worst when I’m alone so it really helps to stay close to someone you trust who can help make you feel calm and reassure you, I really hope your week gets better lovely x

  5. It might sound funny but I really love that you wrote that anxiety is a part of you. When you learn to accept this, as hard as it can be, you’re better equipped to live with and balance one’s anxiety I think! Go you! 😉

  6. Loved it Kathleen. Thanks for sharing xx

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