Tips for Christmas Budgeting

I’ll start by telling you all that I am literally Head Elf. I am obsessed with Christmas and no one could ever dull my Christmas sparkle! Yes, Christmas makes me cheesy(ier) too! 😀 But for me, the worst part of Christmas, although I love treating my loved ones, is the expense of it. I’ve a big family with a lot of siblings, nieces and nephews, so Christmas is a big strain on my bank every year. With that in mind, I do my best to pre-budget and I have some tips to share with you that may help you plan your budget in the lead up to Christmas.

christmas budgeting

Top Tips for Christmas Budgeting: 

1. Make a list with budget per person

Ok first things first, you need to make a list of those you need to buy for and you need to clearly write down your budget per person. This should be done a few months out (or at least in early November) so that you can get a realistic look at your budget estimate. Once you do this, you need to ask yourself two questions; is your list and budget realistic and can you afford it? There is no point in stressing yourself out so be realistic.

2. Buy a present a week

This is something I’ve started to do this year and since September I’ve bought a present a paycheque. This has been a massive help to me because I have so many of my presents got already! I’ve approximately 20 to buy this year so its nice to start early and do it bit by bit! I’m flying it!

3. Don’t Overspend

This kind of links to point one but Christmas isn’t just about expensive, lavish gifts. My family and I don’t overspend on each other but we buy thoughtful presents that each other would like. Don’t think expensive, think thoughtful and remember that the presents aren’t everything. We’re all in the same boat. Some new pjs or a nice top will make a lovely gift for someone!

Christmas Budgeting Tips

4. Be smart with your money

Ok this is one of my top tips! I have a lot of nieces / nephews and kids like the WOW presents. I love being the one to get my little people really awesome Christmas presents but I always have a small budget per person to work with. My advice? Buy the biggest toy for the budget you have! For example, Lego is so expensive and the smallest little thing could cost twenty euro. But for the same price you could get a big remote control car or a minion or anything! Its mad how expensive some tiny toys are. I like the big box, I like the big impact so shop around and try get the largest toys for your money!

5. Read the Details

My last tip is for wrapping paper! Now this might sound like a funny fact or point to make but stores trick people very easily with wrapping paper! I’m obsessed with wrapping paper (weird I know) but I won’t be distracted by just a pretty print! Many stores sell paper for a great price but their rolls might only have 1.5-3 meters of paper. That’s NOTHING! I always go for 6 meter rolls. Yes the may be a little more but in the long run you get better longevity out of them.

So there you have it, five tips for Christmas budgeting. I hope these help you on your merry way and if you have any tips to share, please do so in the comments below.

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  1. It’s never too early to mention Christmas!!! Although shamefully I listened to one Christmas song about two weeks ago. Great tips! I’m lucky that I don’t have to buy for loads of people but I tend to get carried away when buying them gifts and never budget right for it!

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