Tips and Advice for New Bloggers

tips and advice for new bloggers

I’ve been on the blogging scene a long time now. I’ve gone from having a Blogger blog to my home here on WordPress, I’ve had the bad photography, I’ve had the amazing I can’t believe I wrote this posts, I’ve gained followers and I’ve lost some too. I’ve had all the ups and downs I expected to have on my blogging journey and I’ve even won an award along the way! And this month sees me celebrating Squidgy Moment’s fourth birthday! My how time has flown!


Today I was thinking back on all the things I’ve learnt over the years on blogging and all the advice I wish I could have been given. When I started blogging there were not many bloggers out there. I knew of maybe 2-3 Irish bloggers and that was it. There was no one to offer advice, no one to learn from and to be honest it was all trial and error. With that said, I wanted to put thoughts to paper and list my tips and advice for all you newbie bloggers out there in the hopes I can help you in some way. I’ve had many new bloggers email me over the years and ask for advice and what I told them, I’m gonna tell you. I hope you find my advice and thoughts helpful and guiding.

Blogging should be a passion

If you have a passion for blogging and I mean a true passion it will shine out of every single post you publish, every picture you take and every word you write. There’s no point in being a blogger, just to be a blogger. We all have interests, pick something you like and let the passion flow. It will show!

Discover your writing style

When you have a reader come to your blog, what do you want them to feel? Happy, thoughtful, inspired? What persona do you want to have shining out of your blog posts? For me, I’m all about the optimism. I like my posts (including my reviews) to have a witty personality. When they do, I feel happy and my readers to do!

Get Social

This may seem obvious, but get your blog out there on social media. This is free marketing guys! Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google + (yes even Google+), Pinterest – whatever! Get out there, get talking and get promoting!

Learn a thing or two about SEO

I’m a digital marketer in my professional life so digital marketing is a big part of my blogging life. Do your research, learn basic SEO and get search engine friendly! And you must must must have Google Analytics!

Don’t sweat the small stuff

Followers, we all want them and we all work hard for them but don’t let that control your blogging or your feelings towards it. Me, I’ve been stuck just below 360 Bloglovin followers for weeks and yes it drives me mad but I must not forget the thousands of followers I have across the rest of my social networks.

Another thing here is if you see another blog that’s amazing. You’ll doubt yours. We all do. But just remember why you blog, why you love it and why your blog is amazing. Blog for you and no one else.

Blogging breaks are ok

This is a big one for me. I blog when I feel inspired, I don’t blog for the sake of blogging or because it’s been three weeks and I haven’t done one post! I see so many bloggers nowadays pressuring themselves with deadlines and schedules and I just think why? It’s good to have down time every so often and it helps keep the passion alive so don’t fight it. You are not a machine nor are you expected to be one!

And finally, stay inspired. Bring a note pad in your handbag, jot down ideas when they occur at the oddest times. Enjoy the experience and the creativity and always strive to be better. The moment you forget why you started is the moment you will start to fail. Chin up, enjoy the experience and keep on blogging because I can tell you from experience, the years will fly and you’ll be writing a post like this in no time!

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  1. Well done, great post & food for thought for those starting out, moi included 😉


    Lovely post Kathleen, great advice. Love your blog x

  3. Thanks Kathleen! Have saved this page for future reference. Still contemplating a blog so am gathering information until the time is right.

  4. This was a really great post, really loved reading it ! I also love your framed quote !!

  5. Great tips. I particularly like the emphasis that it should be a passion

  6. Absolutely love this post! xx

  7. Some great tips here 🙂 I’ve no clue what Google Analytics is tho!! **ducks and hides** is this something i need to learn?

    I’m in a blogging break at the mo, but I can feel a post bubbling beneath the surface, its such a nice feeling isn’t it and still exciting 🙂

    • Lol it’s a tool to measure where your traffic comes from, what people read etc! It’s great to see how your blog is performing! Oooh those feelings are the best! Best of luck with the return 🙂 xxx

  8. This is so helpful! I’m still relatively new so I’m taking a lot of these tips on board. Thanks for sharing 🙂 xx

  9. Really love this, as a newbie blogger, who’s still having camera issues(as in I don’t know what to get!) I love these posts from the seasoned pros:)x

    • Thanks Cathy, glad you found it useful! Practice makes perfect with the photos, I have good days and bad. Try different angles in good light and they will work 🙂 xxx

  10. Such a cute little post! I’d love for you to do a full post on SEO if you could; overall great post!

  11. Great advice 🙂 I just started my blog this month, so these are a big help! x

  12. Thanks for this very useful post! I too have been blogging for years, but I have never looked into SEO or Google Analytics side of it. I mainly blog about travel and my posts are either personal tales or helpful travel tips, but I really wish I could reach a larger audience. What do you think would be a good amount of hits to your blog per day? Im just interested to compare with others. Thanks!

  13. So agree. I took a blog break, in fact started a whole new blog, and it’s like straight away people ‘get’ this one – the same people who ignored the last one. I think people can sense when you’re not feeling it!

  14. Hey this really helped and your blog is amazing. Me and my best friend have just started out one, it would mean a lot if you checked it out? X

  15. I’m just starting to get serious about blogging and this post helped me put more thought about what to do with my little space on the web. Thank you for this! 🙂

  16. Totally agree with bloggers pressuring themselves into churning out blog posts very regularly! They might gain more followers, but I don’t think you will lose any if you take a break. I certainly wouldn’t stop reading my favourite blogs if they stopped posting for a while.

    Anne-Sophie x

  17. Cute post. At the moment I’m trying to find my writing style. I seriously sounded like a robot in my first few posts. Guess I felt watched or something. You kind of not dare to be you at the beginning (does this make sense hahah). Now I’m trying to include jokes and anecdotes. It makes the writing process more fun, actually. xx Izzy |

    • Haha aw you will find your style. Mine is quite conversational which is nice as I don’t intentionnally write that way it just flows 🙂 xx

  18. I’ve only just started blogging – love to write and love accessories which are the main focus of my blog.
    Thanks so much for your advice. I am still struggling to really find my voice but I know it will come with practice!

    • What a lovely comment Marie, thanks for taking the time to write it and I’m delighted you enjoyed the post. Best of luck with it 🙂 xx

  19. I’ve just started blogging, so these tips will be a huge help! Thank you for sharing x

  20. I’ve been blogging a while but always love these lists!
    I’ve taken so many blogging breaks and although it is hard to get going again I do feel it makes me enjoy blogging more.


  21. I really wish posts like this were around when I first started blogging, it would have made my life so much easier!

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