The Universal Orlando Resort Bucket List

I ADORE Universal Orlando Resort. Its without a doubt my favourite thing about Orlando and that’s not just because of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – I promise! πŸ˜‰ In fact, Harry Potter is only part of the reason I love both Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure.

One of the great things about these amazing parks is that there is always something new to see and do and this means that every time you or I re-visit Orlando, we have a totally new experience to the previous trip – what’s not to love! I’m sure I’ll have to update this post again in a few months because Universal Orlando Resort really do reinvent the wheel all the time but for now, this is the ultimate Universal Orlando Resort Bucket List!


  1. Ride the Hogwarts Express from Kings Cross Station to Hogsmeade and back again!
  2. Get a chocolate treat at the Toothsome Chocolate Emporium
  3. Ride the new and improved Incredible Hulk Roller-coaster
  4. Scare the sh*t out of yourself on The Mummy (I cried so hard on this with terror!)
  5. Venture into Knockturn Alley if you’re brave enough…
  6. Check out all of the amazing simulators including The Simpsons, Spiderman and Transformers
  7. Get a selfie with a minion
  8. Walk through Springfield
  9. Get soaked on the Jurassic Park River Adventure
  10. Ride Harry Potter and Escape from Gringott’s
  11. Try and catch the Gringott’s dragon breath fire!
  12. Do the wand experience in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter
  13. Taste Butter Beer
  14. Get as many selfies as possible with Universal Orlando’s famous characters including the Simpsons, Scooby Doo and more!
  15. Try to find the entrance into Diagon Alley!
  16. Take in the Horror Make Up Show
  17. Rock out on Universal Orlando’s thrilling roller-coaster Rip Ride Rock it!
  18. Get your photo taken as you cross into Platform 9 and 3/4’s!
  19. Step back in time on the ET ride
  20. Get a selfie at the Knight Bus
  21. Catch the daily parades
  22. Β Grab a refreshing DUFF Beer in Moe’s
  23. Take on scary aliens in Men in Black: Alien Attack!
  24. Grab a bite to eat in one of the many restaurants in CityWalk
  25. Catch a live performance of Fear Factor
  26. Drop to your (almost) death on Doctor Doom’s Fearfall
  27. Challenge your vacay buddy on the Dragon Challenge roller-coasters
  28. Get soaked on the super fun Dudley Do-Right’s Ripsaw Falls!
  29. Whizz past Hagrid’s Hut on the Flight of the Hippogriff roller-coaster
  30. Fly alongside Harry Potter in Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey
  31. Ride the rapid’s on Popeye & Bluto’s Bilge-Rat Barges!
  32. Choose your perfect wand or let it choose you at Olivanders
  33. Race through New York alongside the hilarious Jimmy Fallon! (can’t wait to try this!)
  34. Face the incredible Kong in Skull Island: Reign of Kong!
  35. Catch a free concert! Universal Orlando Resort hold amazing concerts throughout the year
  36. Have lunch in the Leaky Cauldron
  37. Enjoy a game of crazy golf at Hollywood Drive-In Golf
  38. Visit the dinosaur egg nursery in Jurassic Park
  39. Catch a performance of the Triwizard Spirit Rally
  40. Take in a Blue Man Group show
  41. Stay late some night and catch Universal’s Cinematic Spectacular
  42. Cool down with some delicious ice-cream from the Ben & Jerry’s store
  43. Shop til you drop in the many Universal stores throughout the park
  44. Sing your heart out at CityWalk’s Rising Star
  45. Love to bowl? Be sure to visit Galaxy Bowl for a game
  46. Treat yourself to a cocktail at Margaritaville!
  47. Endure an encounter with a raptor in Jurassic Park….if you’re brave enough!
  48. Test your stomach strength on Kang & Kodos’ Twirl N Hurl
  49. Horror fan? Visit Universal Orlando Resort during Halloween Horror Nights for frights you won’t forget…
  50. And lastly, explore and experience the BRAND NEW Volcano Bay and all that it has to offer once it opens! I can’t wait!


So there you have it, the Universal Orlando Bucket List! How many of the above have you ticked off your bucket list? Have I missed something I should add? Comment below and let me know!

I can’t wait to revisit the theme park capital of the world again to do all of the above and more! I may get planning! πŸ™‚

Always Wandering,


Image Disclaimer: Universal Orlando Resort globe image via Universal Orlando Resort’s Facebook page.

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