That Moment of Strength

Something weird happened this week, I felt something I have not felt in a very long time – strength. I’m a girl who has been on many a fitness journey and many a ‘diet’ and over the years my body has mainly remained the same, even though its had small changes here and there.

In school I was a total tomboy and I played enough sports to go along with this! I was actively training five days a week, I was playing Gaelic football on two teams (club and school), I played basketball and I even dabbled in Irish Dancing and soccer at one point or another. Then, college came along and I got lazy mainly due to time and all that comes with commuting to college and slowly, my body started to get slower, lazier.

Since then, I suppose my strongest year was when I was in Canada in 2013 and I done Les Mills Pump Classes several times a week. I loved doing weights, I love how they changed my shape. But this all went downhill when I came home and after many failed attempts at fitness and even Slimming World, I think I’ve found my fit again. My place where I can go and leave my stress, where I can go and work out all of my anxiety.

I started in Industrial Fitness Newbirdge in October of 2015 and guys, I swear, this is the best gym I’ve ever been too. The support, the encouragement, the coaching, the atmosphere, everything! I’ve never found a place like it and its really encouraged me to keep going and push as hard as I can.

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At the start of this month I made the ultimate commitment and signed up to a years membership. This is to do 3 classes a week, which believe me is a challenge for me and this was week one. I’m sitting here in awe at myself and I don’t feel bad for saying that.

Let’s not pretend I’m ripped or a body builder, I’m just a regular looking girl looking to feel strong and lean and I’m finally starting to see that happen. It’s so motivating and its encouraging me to keep going.

My clothes are starting to fit me better, I’ve ditched the sad step (scales) and although I’ve probably not lost much weight, my body is changing and that’s all I want.

The best part of all of this though is that, this week its like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I have a new clarity in my mind that I’ve not had in years. If you suffer with anxiety you know how hard it can be at times and how sad you can feel, even if you hide it well but this week, I feel different. I feel bright, happier and less stressed and anxious. I’m thankful to have found this gym, to have found a place I can get all my tensions out and a place I can enjoy being in.

My wedding dress motivated me to go to the gym, but the peace of mind, the strength I’m gaining from it and the lovely people I spend my time with in the gym is what will keep me coming back.

Hugs & Love,



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Disclaimer: This post is in no way sponsored or paid and it reflects my true opinions of the business mentioned. 

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  1. I miss that feeling, I must try go back!!!

  2. I’m so happy that you’re feeling strong and PROUD of yourself. What a fantastic post xxx

  3. This sounds really good, I’m all for anything that can improve your physical state as well as your mental state too 🙂

    Rosy | Sparkles of Light Blog

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