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Although the weather is bright and fab at the moment, living in Ireland means we are subject to damp and ever changing weather and in the last two years I’ve learnt the importance of owning a good waterproof coat. (We can thank living in Toronto in -25 temperatures for my change of heart!). I was contacted by Target Dry to try out their Georgia Waterproof Parka jacket and I thought, this is something I could defiantly do with on the icy cold mornings while I wait for my train! So I ordered the jacket in navy and a couple of days later it arrived.


The coat is really nice looking and I love that inside the hood is pink! 😀 The material is the mac kind of material and the jacket is waterproof. I ordered a size up to allow for layering on the cold mornings and found it a really nice fit. The jacket is a long length jacket and I love that it goes down over my bum meaning the majority of me is kept warm and covered while out in the elements.

My verdict on the jacket is that I really like it and it’s been doing a great job at keep me warm on the cold Irish mornings. My only downside is that the ends of the sleeves are quite wide on me so if I don’t have gloves on, my lower arms and hands get cold. This large size may be due to me ordering the jacket a size up so it’s not the end of the world but just something I noticed! I also really like the hood as it’s quite large and so it fits nicely over my big bobble woolly hat. Not that I’ve been wearing a hat this week! 😀

To conclude I have to say I’m impressed by the coat and I’ve been wearing it everyday since I got it. It’s stylish and warm and meets all of my coat needs: heat,hood, style, large pocket for my iPhone 6plus and my rail smart card.

Target Dry are a company based in Belfast who specialize in high quality outdoor clothes. I’d love you to check out their website on All of their products are designed to the highest standard and quality and all of them have a two year guarantee. They also do lighter jacket options for the Irish Spring / Summer weather so why not head on over for a look!

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