So I’m Married Now!

Well hello everyone! Have you missed me!? πŸ˜€ I’ve missed you, promise! πŸ˜‰

Having just returned from the honeymoon of a lifetime, I don’t know where to begin when it comes to telling you all about it! From the destinations we visited to the hotels we stayed in and the food we enjoyed, there are so many aspects that were just perfection and I have so many tips!

I went back to work this week and pre-wedding, everyone had told me how depressing going back would be. I was trying to mentally prepare myself for the doom and gloom I’ve been advised of so much and when last Sunday came around, I felt strangely at ease. I was ok with getting back to normality.

Of course I was sad that our wedding and dream of a honeymoon were over, I’m human after all but I was content. I was ready, I suppose. πŸ™‚

This week I’ve really thought about why I felt so content and I think its because we left no stone unturned with both our wedding and our trip. We travelled for 3.5 weeks, we did the luxury thing, the city thing, the sun thing, the new experience thing and the sightseeing thing. We did it all.

I think that’s what I loved most about organising a wedding and honeymoon. We did everything our way and it was so worth it! We had the best day ever and we celebrated with the honeymoon of a lifetime! Was it cheap? Absolutely not, but we worked hard, we did it the best way we could and we splashed out (we’re worth it after all πŸ˜‰ ). But I think that’s my advice for future couples who’re getting hitched. Do things the way you want and it’ll be so worth it. πŸ™‚

Over the next few weeks you’ll be getting loads of posts from me covering all that we did. If there is something you’d like covered, if you just want to ask me a question or maybe you’d like some advice, pop me a mail, send me a tweet or even comment below! I’ll always be happy to help as much as I can. πŸ™‚

For now I’ll leave you with some photos from our big day and I reallyΒ hope you enjoy the upcoming honeymoon posts – they’ll be sure to give you serious wanderlust!









Always Wandering,



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  1. Ah Kathleen you looked absolutely stunning, serious bride goals!

  2. Kathleen you were such a beautiful bride xx siobhan

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