Slimming World Six Week Update

Hi peeps, so about six weeks ago I spoke about how I was starting Slimming World and about how scared I was about joining. Well I’m six weeks in and I’m so happy to say that I’m down 10 pounds.

The six weeks have not been strict. I’ve had two trips to America filled with burgers, chips, coke and the rest and I have had lots of meals out. But what I am learning at Slimming World is food optimising and this is what’s having a positive impact on me.

I’m never hungry because I always have healthy snacks on hand such as fruit, smoked salmon, a tin of beans, Muller Light Fat Free yogurts and more. So although I’ve been naughty (it’s Christmas after all!!), I am strict and sticking to plan 90% of the time and it’s paying off.

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Tonight I went to my weigh in near tears knowing I was going to have put on weight after a dreadful week and I lost 1.5 pounds. I am amazed. At this moment I am only 4 pounds off a stone weight loss. I just can’t believe it.

I feel great, my favorite dress is lose on me (I discovered this today!!) and I’m working towards a healthier me.

If any of you would like some ideas on what meals I eat etc let me know but I do post regularly on my Instagram feed if you want to check that out!

Hugs and love,


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  1. Congratulations lovely! New to your blog, delighted to find a weight loss journey, I need to go on one myself and love reading others’ stories, so inspirational


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