Slimming World I’m One Stone Down!

Ah I was a happy lady last Wednesday when I just about made my one stone weight loss at Slimming World! I was thrilled!

I struggled during the month of January to be strict with myself and so my weight loss has been very slow. Still, I battled through it with my goal of losing one stone by end of January and I made it just in time!

Being a stone lighter feels amazing and I’m really proud of myself for achieving it. I know myself that I could have a lot more gone after two months in Slimming World but I also know that I if I completely restrict myself with food I’ll crash and burn like all those times before.

I’m at the point now where people are noticing I’m lighter and saying I look well and every single one of those comments remind me why I started. To feel better and to be healthier. Mexico is only 4 months away after all! 😉

Following the ups and downs of my first two months in the Slimming World program, my learning curve has led me to say to myself – every single pound makes a difference. It is one step closer to feeling more fabulous than the week previous. Have your treats, enjoy them when you do and keep ticking away. The small changes will aid the treats. Chin up and keep going! <3

That right there is my ultimate advice. Don’t be cruel to your body. Look after it and enjoy your goodies when you have them.

If any of you, my lovely readers are Slimming World members I’d love to hear how you are getting on? Even better if you blog about it – please leave links below as I am still a newbie and I love getting inspiration from others on the same journey as me.

Hugs and Love,


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  1. Danielle @Lilliwhiterose

    You are doing brilliantly Kathleen well done. My diet and exercise went down hill over January so hoping to get back into the swing of things this month xx

  2. Delighted you got your one stone award 🙂 Well done

  3. Well done! That is absolutely brilliant progress, and you’re dead right to take it slow and steady. Am down about 5lb myself in the last couple of weeks and feeling the difference. Don’t have a huge amount to lose but was conscious I was starting to slide the other way. Clothes are fitting better now and like you, a few people have made a couple of compliments! Have another 7lbs to my goal. Just want to get there now, but I need to be patient and not burn myself out again! You’ll be well ready for Mexico in four months I don’t doubt 🙂

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