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Hey all, I joined back Slimming World this week after a short break following my injury. I feel so motivated and I’m hoping it will show on the scales on Thursday! When joining back I decided to join a different group and although I’m only in the new group three days, the support and encouragement has been phenomenal. This is just what I need to help keep me on the straight and narrow! I’m needy don’t you know haha! 😀

Over the past few days I’ve been cooking lots of delicious Slimming World meals. Some were a first time try and others are repeat favorite’s. I’m also happy because I’ve finally found the perfect way to cook my Slimming World chips and Paddy is now forever asking me to make them haha!

I’m off to Mexico in May and I’m eager to drop a few pounds so that I feel fabulous as when I strut around my 5* hotel. Here’s hoping!! 😀 Without babbling too much I’m gonna jump straight to business! Here is a look at some of the Slimming World meals I’ve made over the past few days.

Roast Chicken Dinner

Who doesn’t love a good roast! I have a roast dinner almost every Sunday and it does be completely syn free! I love carrots and parsnips so they always feature and I do add gravy if I fancy some.


Slimming World Salt and Chili Chicken

Although this turned out quite tasty, it didn’t live up to my expectations. The salt and chilli dish from the Chinese is my favorite so re-creating it was never going to be easy. I was disappointed although the chicken was really tender and soft. It just missed that crunchy deep fat fried taste that I LOVE!


Smoked Coley with Cajun Prawns and Cajun Slimming World Chips

This meal was so delicious!! I did not want it to end! I love fish and the smoked coley went lovely with the king prawns. I love Cajun seasoning as well and it tasted amazing on the prawns and chips. Slimming-World-Fish-and-Chips

Slimming World Overnight Oats

This was a new one for me this week and my god I love it!! This super yummy, filling meal is perfect for lunch for me. I work in Dublin and I need to bring a packed lunch that will keep me full until 7pm when I get home to cook dinner. The Slimming World overnight oats is perfect for me and I’ve had it twice this week! Slimming-World-Overnight-Oats

Slimming World Stir Fry

We all love a good Slimming World stir fry and I make them at least once a week. I enjoy mixing in spices and soy sauce and I have my stir fry’s with noodles most days. I also like that with stir fry’s you can make extra so I have some for lunch the following day! Slimming-World-Stir-FryOverall I’ve been really happy with my eating. After tearing all the ligaments in my ankle a few weeks back, I’m only now getting strong enough to walk / drive again and so my exercise has been non-existent. I hope to lose the 7 pounds I’ve gained since I fell a few weeks back and I’m aiming to get down into the 11 stone bracket as soon as I can. Here’s hoping I can achieve this and more in time for Mexico! 🙂

If you would like any recipes on the above please drop me a comment and let me know. I consider myself a Slimming World newbie so I am still only learning the rules of what I can have but I’m sure I’ll be flying in no time!

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Wish me luck for Thursday! Eeeek!


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  1. Well done miss! 🙂 The cajun wedges look yummy. I couldn’t get on with the overnight oats, they tasted really stodgy. But if you mix them with 2 eggs in the morning and fry them, they make dreamy pancakes! x

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