Saying Goodbye to 26

We all have those years where we love the age we are at. For me 26 was one of those great years and I’m sad to say good bye to it. Today is my 27th birthday. 27th, its so weird! That means its been 10 years since another great year for me, 17 which brought so much excitement and change. I’m excited for 27 but lets look back on why I’m sad to say goodbye to 26.

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In 26 I really found my feet again in Ireland. Moving home from Canada was hard for me at 25 but by 26, I had it all together. I had a job I loved, I travelled a lot, I got engaged and we got our first home. I also became a great aunt and a god mother for a third time at the age of 26. 26 was just brilliant.


I had my moments when things were bad, my grandad died, I lost my blogging mojo up and down, I suffered with anxiety now and again but overall it was a fantastic year.  At 26 I visited New York, Orlando, Mexico, Lanzarote and Liverpool. I made memories I’ll never forget.

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Whats next for 27? Well we are busy saving for our wedding so travel will be at a minimum and I’ve no doubt this will be tough on me. I have to look at the bigger picture though and be kind to myself throughout the year. Who knows where life will take me this year but I’m ready (iPhone) camera in hand, waiting for my next adventure. Be kind 27, lets make it a good one!

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Hugs and Love,


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  1. Sorry to hear you have lost your mojo. Given you’ve had such an up and down year it’s easy to see why. I have a feeling 27 is going to be even better than 26. X

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