Best of Beauty Challenge: Hair Heros

I am catching up on this challenge!! πŸ™‚

My absolute hair hero is my Sally Hersberger Finishing Cream! This stuff is AMAZING! I’m not one for using product in my hair but when I seen this beaut on sale in Toronto for just $5 in my local drug store I just had to try it because it smelled divine!


The product is for use on naturally wavy hair to tame the waves so that they appear healthy, shiny and surfer like. I didn’t think I would love it as much as I do but it just makes my hair look and smell amazing!

I don’t think there are stockists in Ireland (I wish there were so if there are do let me know PLEASE!) but you can get this little beaut online on Β Amazon. The bad news is, it retails on there are $27 plus P&P! Holy moly – $5 was deffo a bargain for me!

I love the stuff and will totally be buying more on my next visit to the USA or Canada! Have you tried this hair hero!?

Catch up on my Skin Care Saviours post from week one here.


Kathleen xxx


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