Squidgy Travels: Halloween in Salem

Hey all! Now that I’m back home I have just have to tell you about my amazing trips and all the places I got to see! I’ve already filled you in on the paradise that is Cuba! So next we went to Boston and on Halloween we took a 30 minute ferry to the magical town of Salem!

As you all know, Salem is known as a witching town and it’s considered one of the most haunted towns in the US! They have just under 2,000 active witches living there at the moment! I’ve always wanted to go ever since I seen Hocus Pocus! When we went however, I didn’t expect to see some of the actual filming locations from the movie and on it’s 20th anniversary! Aaaagh! How spooktacular!

We got to see Alison’s amazing white house, the school and of course the park where lots of scenes were shot – Salem Common! Here are a look at some of my pics from the day. They tell the spookiness of Salem more than I can 🙂 Enjoy!

Squidgy Moments 547751_10202499957082984_389611991_n 560838_10202499987203737_452875480_n 1000222_10202499960683074_1862671750_n 1004681_10202498772813378_577592438_n 1378435_10202499955722950_1329208347_n 1384162_10202499966403217_335917071_n 1391828_10202496817524497_1886489764_n 1392014_10202498772453369_2125686596_n 1451541_10202499956442968_485399043_nI really had a great day here and being there on Halloween made it more special. If you are ever in Boston, PLEASE make the trip! It’s 30 minutes by train or ferry and it is so so worth seeing!

Until next time!

Kathleen xxx


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  1. That looks so spooky! Love it! x

  2. Im so jealous, I have always wanted to visit Salem.

  3. Oh what an amazing trip would love to visit Salem!

  4. That looks like such an amazing trip. Hocus Pocus was def a staple film of our childhood and it is great you got to see some of the set. Keep us updated with how you are getting on back home x

  5. Absolutely brilliant! I love your little witches hat (very cute). Glad you enjoyed your travels before coming home xx

  6. This looks soo cool! 😀 x

  7. This looks like so much fun! It looks like you had a great time too!


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