5 Top Tips to Beat Jet Lag


Travelling to places far away is probably the most exciting thing in the world. But the jet lag that accompanies flying can be really tough, especially if you don’t know how to fight it. Before we jump into discussing how to beat jet lag, let’s identify some key symptoms: Fatigue Irritability Inability to sleep or sleep in a regular routine ...

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10 tips for planning your Honeymoon


I’m in wedding planning mode at the moment as I get ready for my own big day and for me, the honeymoon is one of the most exciting parts of getting married! Planning a honeymoon however, can be a total minefield and working in the travel industry, I’ve seen how overwhelming it can get. With that in mind, here are ...

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That Day I went VIP at Universal Studios Hollywood


Aloha peeps, today I want to take you on an exciting journey with me over to Los Angeles, the home of Universal Hollywood! When I visited LA on a work trip, I got to go to Universal Hollywood and I got to experience this amazing park in true style on the Universal Hollywood VIP tour! So what is this VIP Experience all ...

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If you do anything in life, travel.


If you do anything in life, travel. And I don’t mean to Spain for a week, which don’t get me wrong, is still getting away. I mean real travelling. Leaving your job, packing up your life and moving abroad to a country you’ve never been to or lived in before. Living away from Ireland thought me a lot. It thought ...

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5 things I’m excited for on Harmony of the Seas


I love my job and I’m so lucky that I get to combine two of my biggest passions and call it my career. I am crazy about both Digital Marketing and travelling and together, these two massive parts of my life make up my career! I’m very lucky that I work in the travel industry because I get to go ...

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5 Top Tips for Long Haul Flights


I travel approximately four times a year and so I am no stranger to airports or airplanes! With the USA being my favourite destination, I’m also no stranger to long haul flights and I always believe in being prepared before I take on a long haul journey.  With that in mind, here are 5 of my top tips for long ...

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