Off the Catwalk


Last Thursday (March 31st), I was one of those lucky fashionista’s to be in the audience for the Off the Rails Roadshow. For their season finale, Sonia & Brendan visited my second home – the wonderful White Water Shopping Centre in Newbridge Co. Kildare. As a girl who had never seen Off the Rails (I know tut tut), I was ...

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A Change of Scenery :)

Squidgy Moments

Hey everyone, you are very welcome to my new, shiny, custom designed Squidgy Moments blog. Quite pretty isn’t it? 🙂 Squidgy Moments passed its two month birthday a few days ago and when I think about all I’ve done since then I’m blown away. And not just by my work on the blog, but your support, kind comments, your visits ...

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1970’s Cheese!

These pictures are of my mammy’s first camera circa 1970’s. It’s amazing to think we still have this camera in our house four decades later! I remember I used to play with it as a child! Say cheeeeese! 😉

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Feeling Irish

There is nothing better than feeling Irish around this time of the year. St Patrick’s Day makes the whole world feel a certain level of Irishness. But when I think of being Irish, I tend to go back a bit in time. Before recessions and laptops and mobile phones, back when it was just us and our wonderful country. Green ...

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Hey everyone, this is a special blog post for me. Today whilst sitting in my kitchen watching the sun set, I was inspired to go and take some pictures. Today I experienced the first feeling of “If I don’t take these pictures now, I’ll regret it forever”! So I jumped into my flowery pumps, threw on my trench and raced ...

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Vignette Flowers

I had to send my phone off for a couple of days and when I got it back I was so excited to be able to take some pictures with it again and to experiment with different effects. Luckily, we have a beautiful bouquet of flowers at home at the moment so they became my subject. The flowers in these ...

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