My Arabian Cruise from Dubai on the MSC Fantasia


Sunsets, Souks and Sunshine awaited me in the Middle East on what was going to, no doubt, be the trip of a lifetime. Being completely familiar with travelling westbound from Ireland, flying to Dubai for a cruise was completely out of my comfort zone. I didn’t know the currency, I didn’t know the language, I knew little of the culture ...

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How to find great Travel Deals


I love a good bargain and there is no better feeling than finding a brilliant travel deal. Although many think its expensive to travel, (heck I get asked how I afford it all the time!), travelling is quite easy if you know where and how to find a great bargain, whether it be on flights, a hotel or a weekend ...

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Christmas Present Ideas for the Travel Lover in your Life


Yay! Its festive season and I personally am loving all of the buzz and build up to Christmas AND its only November! 😀 Christmas time is alive and well in the retail world and as a result, I’ve seen dozens of gift guides in the past week or two. These gift guides though are all focusing on the latest beauty ...

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My London Adventure – Tips on What to Do, where to Stay and more!


Hello everyone! I’m fresh off a fabulous adventure in London and my word, did I have a ball! I had never been to London before (well, past the airports anyways!) and I’ve heard nothing but great things over the years so I was really excited to finally get to see and explore this incredible city. Our Journey to London  Let ...

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50 Things to do in Orlando


Orlando, the theme park capital of the world  is pretty much the funnest place on earth and I’ve been lucky to have been there quite a few times. What’s great about Orlando is that they are always reinventing the wheel and every year, there are new attractions, roller-coasters, rides and so much more added to its already impressive profile. When ...

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Sometimes its ok to take a Break from Blogging


I’ve been blogging a long time and every so often, I go through phases of having absolutely no blogging mojo. In fact, this is the first blog post I’ve typed for Squidgy Moments in over two months. My readers have been wondering where I’m gone, I myself have wondered the same but sometimes you just need to take a step ...

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