That Moment of Strength

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Something weird happened this week, I felt something I have not felt in a very long time – strength. I’m a girl who has been on many a fitness journey and many a ‘diet’ and over the years my body has mainly remained the same, even though its had small changes here and there. In school I was a total ...

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5 Reasons I love to Blog!


Blogging has been a hobby of mine for 5 years and its one that I still enjoy so much. Although I take healthy breaks from time to time, blogging is something I’m always thinking about and wanting to do. I’ve enjoyed blogging about many types of things such as beauty and fashion and travel and photography. I guess I like ...

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20 Things that Make Me Happy

20 things that make me happy

One of my personal goals for 2016 was to bring this blog back to basics and to get back to writing about what I love – life! In an effort to try be more positive, I’m trying to have every 2nd or 3rd post about positivity and mental health. With that in mind, this week it’s all about what makes ...

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My Current 3 Favourite TV Shows

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I’m a total binge watcher. I love building up loads of episodes of my favourite shows and then watching them strange for about ten hours! I used to have a Netflix account but I find it so slow to be updated and so I cancelled my subscription – it doesn’t stop me streaming and binging though! 😉 TV show wise ...

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Healthy Tacos Recipe


There’s nothing I enjoy more than having a meal that feels bold but is healthy! Healthy tacos are a big favourite in our house because they give us our Mexican fix without the boldness! They’re so easy to make and will leave you full for hours! Healthy Tacos Recipe for 2:  1 portion of lean mince. Less than 5% fat is ...

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5 Tips on how to be Mindful Everyday

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In every day life, its so easy to caught up in all kinds of emotions and its so easy to live in the past or in the future. This is even harder for Irish people as its in our nature to be worriers and lets face it, moaners. Mindfulness is a relatively new thing to me and I only heard ...

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