Giving up the Cookies: New Year, Let’s Go!

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Like most starting the new year I am determined to better my lifestyle, increase my fitness levels and lose a few pounds. I don’t think I ate too much this Christmas season but I know I put on weight (after losing it!!) while I was travelling around America.

It’s been bugging me since I got home but I gave myself a few weeks rest because I’ve had ear infections, flu’s, cold etc. Today January 5th, I am mentally preparing myself for my kick start tomorrow. Tomorrow is a big day for me because I am also starting my new job! I felt it was a good day to start everything at once.

For me, half my battle is my mentality. I often like many, lack motivation to get up and exercise. In my teen years I played a lot of GAA and basketball and I always say my teen self would be disgusted at my current self. Now though, my lifestyle is busier and I use the weather as an excuse as well. It needs to change.


Luckily food cravings aren’t a huge issue for me anymore. After I kicked my chocolate habit in Toronto (which took a horrible 2-3 weeks to do) I don’t really crave rubbish foods. What I think my main issue is, is the mix of ‘hearty’ Irish potato based meals with a lack of exercise. Eating out of boredom is also something that’s happened me in the past which is obviously not good!

So what am I going to do?

Tomorrow after work, I am starting a circuit training course. I’ll be totally honest and say this TERRIFIES me. I’m not great at circuit training and I do burn out fast but I love a challenge and I know the results will show from this one. I bought new super cute gym pants and I think even wearing them is pushing me to go and work my butt off!

In terms of diet, I don’t want to go too crazy too quickly but I have bought lots of super healthy snack items to get me through my working days. The 3pm slump is my biggest problem when at work but I’ve learnt how to combat this from working with my former personal trainer in Toronto. Over the coming weeks I’ll be snacking on:

  • Natural rice crackers with peanut butter
  • Apples
  • Activia Yogurts
  • Low fat cream crackers with peanut butter
  • Pink N Whites (when I need that sugary taste)
  • My lunches will be soup based with a slice of wholemeal bread if I need it

I am a breakfast girl and I do enjoy cereal, however I’m not sure which one would be best to promote weight loss and health? I’d appreciate if anyone had any suggestions?

Over the coming weeks/months I’m aiming to lose 25 pounds which is just under 2 stone. My goal is not to be stick thin but to be more toned and healthy.


I’ll be tweeting my progress as well so do stayed tuned to my Twitter feed. I know a lot of us are on the same boat at the moment so I think it would be great if we all encouraged and supported each other. With this in mind, please feel free to share your fitness posts below and many we can motivate each other! I also have a dedicated fitness board on my Pinterest if you would like to follow it! It’s full of motivational words, exercise ideas and more. You can follow it hereΒ and I do update it weekly.

I’ll touch base maybe Tuesday or Wednesday to let you know I am after my diet changes and my first circuit class – that is if my arms haven’t fallen off!! πŸ™‚

Until then, be happy & healthy!

Kathleen xxx



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  1. I’m on a weight loss/fitness thing at the moment, I put on a lot of weight at uni, I then lost it, and put it back on, so now it’s more of a lifestyle change. I love cereal, but some do have a lot of sugar in, and I’m one of those people who gets about 3 bowls out of 11 bowl box of cereal haha, I stick to porridge, or poached eggs on brown bread. But I have found bran flakes to be good in the past, wheetabix, or even making your own cereal, like oats, dried fruits and nuts. I’ll be looking out for your tweets, I like hearing about other people progress as it is motivating, and you can swap tips. Good luck with circuits, I went back to the gym yesterday and I can barely move, but feel so much better for it. KB xx

    • Hey Karis, it’s great to hear that you are still motivated to keep going. It’s inspiring because I for one always fall back into my old habits.

      Thanks for the breakfast tips as well, I do need to eat a bowl of cereal everyday but it’s to get the right one and not one packed full of sugar so thanks for your suggestions πŸ™‚ Will touch base in a few days with you and see how you are going! No doubt I’ll be in the horrors after tomorrow night ha! πŸ™‚ xxx

  2. Ooh good luck! For breakfast maybe try weetabix (cold or heated) with sliced banana? It’s yummy, and I’m a coco pops kinda girl! X

  3. Porridge with nuts and fruit is a good breakfast πŸ™‚ loads of fibre and protein! Good luck! India xx

  4. Ahhh good luck hun, apart from the weight loss you will feel great eating healthier and exercising more. Would you eat Weetabix or Porridge in the morning? It’s yummy with fruit and yoghurt or honey πŸ™‚ Also hot water and lemon first thing in the morning is great for kick-starting the digestive system x

    • Aw thanks Yaz you lil wealth of knowledge! πŸ˜€ xxx

      Gonna get some Wheatabix and try it with fruit πŸ™‚ Thanks for the tips xxx

  5. I normally eat porridge with fruit or Weetabix with a banana sliced into the bowl. Both are yum!

  6. Gooo you! I’ve always wanted to be one if those people who goes to the gym after work. I just hate going to the actual gym, not do much the exercise part! Aw I think you don’t need to lose any, but I know you will reach your goal cos you are you! I need go food shopping so I can make packed lunches and healthy choices. Ps so impressive you are back to work already that was quick!

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