My Three Favorite Places in the World

I’m feeling all passionate about travel this morning. I was cleaning the house and I had my iTunes on shuffle, on comes Empire State of Mind and I’m transported to one of my favorite places. It’s amazing how a song does that to you isn’t it?

So leading on from this, I thought’d I’d talk about my three favorite places in the whole world on the blog today so here goes!

1. New York City


For anyone who knows me this is no surprise!! I love New York City and everything about it! The buzz, the excitement, Times Square, the shopping, the food, Top of the Rock, the skyline, hot dogs from a street car and most importantly Central Park. Getting engaged in New York in November has made New York even more special to me. I’m so happy because now I’ll have the chance to return time an time again! <3

2. Toronto


From America straight to Canada! I lived in Toronto in 2013 and I absolutely love the place. Although I wanted to move home, I miss Toronto every single day. What I miss most about this amazing city is the BBQ pulled pork poutine, hockey games, my outdoor pool, the people, my job, saying ‘eh’, it’s neighborhoods and even the TTC subway!! There’s no doubt about Toronto being number two in my favorite places in the world!! <3

3. Lanzarote


A little closer to home is Lanzarote which I also love so much. I love the beautiful scenery, the food and the atmosphere. There’s no place more perfect for a relaxing beach break. Something I also love about Lanzarote is the shopping! I find Zara and all the Spanish high street stores so cheap there and they always have amazing summer sales!!

So there you have it – my three favorite places in the world! What are yours!?

I’ve traveled a lot in my 26 years and if you would like more travel related posts on here do let me know! 🙂
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  1. Nyc is number 1 for me too Kathleen – I also got engaged there too 🙂
    Santa Barbara close number 2 !!!
    Palm beach, FLorida number 3

  2. I love Lanzarote too! I was there in October and the weather was gorgeous, I’m dying to go back x

  3. New York is definitely one of my top favourite places!! I’ve never been to Toronto, but I’m hoping to move to Calgary in the summer! I can’t wait to experience Canada! Top of my list as well is Prague. I went there last month and fell in love!! I did a post on it, I’ll link it below!

    Chrissy x

  4. This is such a cute post seeing the reasons behind why each place is special to you.
    I know a lot of people who love New York but its actually somewhere that I really dont fancy…Im not a city person.

    My Mam and Dad actually flew to Lanzarote yesterday! Theyve been back a few times.

    Would love to hear more about other places youve travelled to!


    • Thanks Danielle. I do love cities I have to say but no city compares to NYC 🙂 I’ll be sure to do more travel posts! X x x x

  5. For me its NYC
    Ibiza love that island and closer to home London so look to have this city so close to us

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