My Current 3 Favourite TV Shows

I’m a total binge watcher. I love building up loads of episodes of my favourite shows and then watching them strange for about ten hours! I used to have a Netflix account but I find it so slow to be updated and so I cancelled my subscription – it doesn’t stop me streaming and binging though! 😉

TV show wise I love American shows. I love drama, strong story lines and a little bit of comedy thrown in. At the moment I’m glued to 3 shows, and these are!

1. Nashville

I literally started watching Nashville over the Christmas break and I’m fully up to date now. I am in love with everything about it! The drama, the story lines and very surprisingly, the music! I’m a new found country music fan! I’m also Team Deacon and I can’t get enough of Juliette’s sass! Although I’m not loving her in the latest series!!

juliette barns gif

nashville gif rayna deacon

2. New Girl

A favourite of mine since the start, I’ve been watching loads of New Girl lately. Its easy watching, its hilarious and its just a feel good show. I also want to live in the loft and I want to be BFFs with Jessica Day for like, the rest of my life. I love her!!

new girl gif

3. The Affair

The Affair is a show that really pulled me in. Its like nothing I’ve ever seen before and I like how it shows each story line from two different sides. A bit slow in places but overall very thrilling and captivating! I can’t wait for the new series!

the affair gif

So there you have it, my current 3 favourite TV shows at the moment! What are you guys watching?

Hugs & Love,


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  1. Ah I love the Affair in the middle of season 2… Think I’ll give Nashville a watch xx Siobhan

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