My 2016 New Year Resolutions

2015 has been a great year. We moved into our forever house, we booked our wedding, I became a great aunt and a godmother again, I met The Notorious Conor McGregor and I got to travel to Mexico, Lanzarote, Liverpool and Las Vegas. Yes, 2015 was a great year with many great memories with family and friends. 2016 though is almost here and its a year I’m really excited for.

2016 resolutions

2016 will see me organising our wedding and so it will be a change for me in that there will be no trips or holidays. Its all going to be wedding, wedding, wedding! 🙂 I can’t wait! …for the wedding stuff that is, not the no trips part lol! I need to win the lotto! Any who, like most I do set myself New Year Resolutions and like many, I tend not to stick to them all. Howevs, God loves a trier so here goes – My 2016 New Year Resolutions! 🙂

  1. Be Happy
  2. Commit to my circuit training and get stronger
  3. Make healthier food choices (lets face it, chocolate will always be apart of my life lol!)
  4. Stay away from Penneys!! (Every time I get the urge to spend (unnecessary money) in Penneys, I’ll put that money into the wedding fund!)
  5. Stay organised with the wedding plans and try not to stress out
  6. Try to be mindful everyday
  7. Don’t let little things stress me out or cause me anxiety
  8. Do more things for me.
  9. Aim for 2 x 30 minutes of extra exercise a week outside of circuit training
  10. Enjoy the year! 

What are your resolutions for 2016?

Happy New Year! 

Hugs and Love,


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  1. A gran aunt?! Congratulations, but no way in hell are you the age to be a gran aunt yet!

  2. Ah Kathleen I love that your goals are realistic and not aimed at punishing yourself with Misery. I will miss your Penneys hauls on Snapchat though.

    Happy New year gorgeous girl xx Siobhan

  3. Best of luck with all the wedding planning, all the best for the new year ❤ xx

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