Squidgy Travels: Montreal Review

Squidgy MomentsHi everyone! I hope you are all over the Monday blues 🙂 I’m just back from an amazing weekend in the lovely city of Montreal! It was our first time visiting there and we just loved it. We took the train from Toronto so that we could see a bit of the Canadian countryside and we got such a good deal with Via Rail. The journey was four hours long and we had a blast! The seats were super comfy and there was lots of leg room for Paddy who is tall! The scenery was great and we seen lots of gorgeous rivers, lakes and cute little towns!

We arrived into Montreal at lunch time and our hotel was a quick 5 minute taxi ride away. We quickly dropped our bags and headed out to explore. We made our way down the main Downtown street ‘St Catherine’s’ to McGill University. My co-workers who studied their advised the campus was so worth a stroll around and they couldn’t have been more right! It was stunning! Flowers, old buildings and hundreds of happy students filled the grounds. I treated myself to an awesome college hoodie, I’m a sucker for them!

Squidgy Moments

On day two we rambled around Old Montreal. Old Montreal was all small cafe’s and cobbled streets! It’s also set on a water front! It was gorgeous and we really felt we were back in time. The Notre Dame Cathedral is located here and is well worth a visit. The inside was like nothing I’ve ever seen. It was so extravagant and beautiful. Not to mention, very peaceful. Squidgy Moments

Over the course of the weekend, we did a lot of eating…something that Montreal is famous for! Having behaved in the food department for so long, I welcomed a weekend of indulging! A nice short reward for my hard work. I consumed lots of crepes and poutine and Paddy tried some of the famous smoked meat sandwiches.

We got back to Toronto last night and I totally have post Montreal blues! The city was so nice and relaxed and I felt I really fitted in well. It is definitely a lot different to Toronto which is so cosmopolitan and shiny and the change was great! I would highly recommend a trip to Montreal if you are ever in Canada, it will be so worth your while 🙂

Have any of you been to Montreal before? What were your highlights? For me, it was the food and the Notre Dame Cathedral!

For now, I will leave you with some pics from our trip for you to enjoy 🙂 xx

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Are you hungry lol 😀


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  1. Montreal looks beautiful, as do those pancakes. YUM


  2. Gorgeous pictures, you look fantastic, I love your dress! This was such a nice insight into Montreal x

  3. Looks like you had so much fun!
    Michelle xo – @shelleymagpie

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