Lusty Beg Island Review – An Island full of Surprises

I’m not really sure where to start when I think of the stunning escape that is Lusty Beg Island. Nestled in Northern Ireland in the heart of the Fermanagh Lakes, Lusty Beg Island is a private family owned island resort and its pretty much one of the most gorgeous places I’ve visited on our Emerald Isle.


Boarding a small car ferry across to the island was the start of 24 hours of adventure and on first appearance, we were impressed. Lusty Beg was lush, green and it had the feel of a retreat. I knew we were going to enjoy it!

On arrival we were greeted by the lovely reception staff and as we encountered more employees throughout our stay, one thing was for sure; Lusty Beg Island have an amazing team who would do anything to help you. They were polite and chatty and very knowledgeable on the island. They were also a lot of fun, but I’ll get to that later! πŸ˜‰


We enjoyed a delicious picnic lunch in the sunshine as we took in breathtaking views and to be honest, I could have sat in the same spot for the day. I was literally in heaven. And the food was incredible too!







After our delicious lunch, it was time to take in all that Lusty Beg Island had to offer and once we became emmersed in the activities one thing was clear, Lusty Beg Island is an island full of surprises!


I love the water and I love being out on the water. With that in mind, a boat trip around Lough Erne was first on my list! As we put on our life jackets, the driver of the boat approached me and asked was I scared!!! Scared!? Should I be was all I could think! How could a relaxing, laid back boat ride be scary!? Well… what I expected to be a relaxing boat ride was an exciting, adrenaline pumping experience! The driver was great fun and he had us all screaming just when the water got calm! The boat ride was so much fun and we had plenty of surprises on it as well! I could tell you about them but I don’t want to give too much away! πŸ˜‰


Up next on our day of adventure was an exciting off road jeep tour! Myself and my other half hopped into the back of the beat up Land Rover with great enthusiasm. We knew we were gonna love this!


So off we took to the woods! Twists and turns greeted us as we drove down tight, woodland roads. This is nice I thought and its not too bumpy… That lasted a whole five minutes!!Β The highlight of the activities for me, the off road jeep tour was rocky and scary and hilarious and daring all in one! Driving through rough terrain was incredible but the highlight for me was when our driver drove us into the lake!


After our busy day of activities, we enjoyed some quiet time on the pier. I could have stayed there all evening but dinner was looming and I was hungry from my day of fun! We enjoy some cocktails before our meal and wow was the food incredible!


We had to pre-order our dinner and on the delicious menu, I noticed I couldn’t have any of the mains. I have clear train track braces and I’m not allowed to eat steak or any form of curry. When I mentioned this to one of the Lusty Beg team, they offered to make me something alternative and I chose a burger. It was delicious and I was thrilled that it wasn’t a big ask to get something alternative. They just have their customers best interests at heart. We had such a brilliant night that night with fellow travel bloggers!


The next day, breakfast was just as yummy and I enjoyed a lovely Irish fry topped off with some fresh strawberries and melon. After breakfast I headed for the spa to enjoy a facial and Paddy went to make use of the pool facilities! The Island Spa was gorgeous and very quaint and my facial was incredible! I was glowing after it! Paddy also raved about the swimming faciilites and the outdoor hot tub!


After our relaxing morning at the spa we were feeling brave and we decided we couldn’t leave Lusty Beg without trying our hand at kayaking! So we got kitted out, we strapped our cameras and iPhone’s onto us and we headed out on the water! We had so much fun kayaking and although it was hard work, all we could do was laugh! It was a great couples bonding exercise! Although I did do most of the rowing haha! Don’t tell Paddy I told yee! πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€




They’re not the most flattering photo’s but hey! They were action shots lol!

We stayed in a Courtyard B&B room and it was perfect for the nights stay. It was in a little village area of the island and the room was quite large with all modern facilities. I also loved that the floors were heated in the bathroom as well, because like, who like’s cold tiles!? πŸ˜€



Lusty Beg Island do offer a range of accommodation options with everything from the Courtyard B&B villas to the large self catering cabins. We absolutely loved every moment of our time in Lusty Beg and we were pretty sad to leave after the one night. I think a two night stay would be perfect.


The whole experience was just fantastic and I really couldn’t fault it. Owners Arthur and Liz really went above and beyond to look after us and we’re very thankful to have been invited to stay.

You can enjoy free wifi on the island as well, however this isn’t available in the accommodations – my only downside of the trip.

For more information on Lusty Beg, you can check out their website HEREΒ or why not give them a follow on Facebook HERE and Instagram HERE.

So what do you guys think!? Is Lusty Beg Island on your bucket list? I really recommend it for a few peaceful days away and I can’t wait to return again myself!

Always Wandering,


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Lusty Beg IslandReview

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  1. I can’t believe you were driven into a lake! I’d have been petrified haha

    Rosy | Sparkles of Light Blog

  2. I can’t believe you were driven into a lake! I’d have been absolutely petrified haha

    Rosy | Sparkles of Light Blog

  3. Ironically I’m from Northern Ireland and I’ve never been to Lusty Beg, but I’m determined to visit after reading your experience. It certainly appears like a great little getaway! x

  4. Great review, we’re honeymooning at home this summer so must stick this on our list!

  5. We stayed at lusty beg 18-20th July and had an amazing time. Staff food facilities and accommodation are all outstanding. So glad out wedding reception is there next year…maybe another sneaky trip in before that?!

  6. Hi Kathleen. Do you think Lusty beg is a suitable location for a hen? If so, do you have any suggestions on activities/ which accommodation to choose?

    • Hi Eimear, I think it would depend on what you want from the hen party. I’m not a drinker so I would love my hen there, because I love to relax and there is a fab spa on-site. The activities on the island would also be a lot of fun with a group of friends. We stayed in a regular room but they do have cabins etc as well and they looked really nice. You are totally isolated though so if you want a lively, night out on the hen it wouldn’t be a good choice but if you want a bit of craic, a bit of pampering and great food and laughs with the girls it would be perfect! Hope this helps! πŸ™‚

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