Healthy Tacos Recipe

There’s nothing I enjoy more than having a meal that feels bold but is healthy! Healthy tacos are a big favourite in our house because they give us our Mexican fix without the boldness! They’re so easy to make and will leave you full for hours!

Healthy Tacos Recipe for 2: 
1 portion of lean mince. Less than 5% fat is the best you can get.
2 X chopped peppers
1 X chopped onion
2 X crushed garlic cloves
Chilli flakes
Chilli powder
Cayenne pepper
1 x Baby Gem or Iceberg Lettuce
Heinz Smoked Chiptole Sauce

Cook your mince until brown with onions and crushed garlic. Once done add in the peppers and any additional veg you enjoy and simmer until peppers are soft.

Add in spices as needed to meet your taste requirements. We like ours quite spicy so we keep adding until we reach our hot spicy level! Simmer for a couple of minutes and serve!

This is where it gets extra healthy, instead of serving in taco shells, serve your taco mince in lettuce leaves with a sprinkle of smoked chipotle for that extra kick!

Some also choose to add coriander / cilantro to their Mexican food, I just don’t like the taste so I leave it out. 🙂

But there you have it! Delicious healthy tacos that are as easy to make as they sound! If you do try them, be sure to send  me a picture so I can see!




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