Five reasons to visit New York City in the Winter

I’m literally the biggest fan of New York City and there is no where that has an effect on me quite like New York. My favorite time to visit the city is in the winter because although it’s very cold, its also extra special and quite magical. With that in mind, here are five reasons you should visit New York City in the Winter.

NYC Central Park

1. The Christmas Lights and Decorations

One of my favorite thing about New York is the build up to Christmas. There is nothing more magical. If you visit in the winter, take a stroll down 34th St by Macys to see the most stunning window displays. Do this before heading along 5th Avenue to take in Cartier and many other large stores that are just done up so beautifully. If you’re a fan of Home Alone, walk in Kevin’s footsteps and go see the Rockfellar Christmas Tree! The toy stores are also super magical around Christmas time so make sure to take a walk through Disney and Toys R Us in Times Square.

Macys Windows Christmas

2. Snowy Central Park

If you visit New York City in the Winter, chances are your going to see some snow. I know Irish people dread snow but in NYC, a snowy backdrop is stunning. If it is snowing when you’re visiting New York, be sure to take a stroll around Central Park and don’t forget the camera. Its just beautiful in the snow.

Central Park in the Snow

3. Excellent Christmas Shopping

Now I know the exchange rate isn’t great for us at the moment when travelling to America but none the less, I still find it very good value. In the lead up to Christmas, especially after Black Friday there are many bargains to be had not only in Manhattan but also in the world famous outlets Woodbury Common and Jersey Gardens (my fav!) as well. Both are a short trip from the city and have lots of amazing bargains for you to enjoy. Hello Michael Kors, American Eagle Outfitters, Nike Outlet and more!

Christmas Shopping NYC

4. Better Rates

Getting to New York isn’t cheap. I know this because I not only work in the travel industry but I have been to New York about eight times in the past ten years or so. Winter is the cheapest time to travel but be weary of slightly higher rates around thanksgiving and Christmas / New Years.

Cheap Holidays to New York

5. That New York Feeling

I know we are all have different visions of how we see New York, but when I think of New York I think cosy hats, boots and a Christmasy atmosphere. That New York feeling to me is like no other and it’s the reason I will continue to travel to New York City during the winter months year after year.

NYC in the Winter

My last visit to New York was in November 2014 and it was my most special trip to date. My best friend asked me to marry him in Central Park and now New York City has an even stronger hold on me and my heart. In fairness though, Manhattan and I have always had a love affair. <3


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  1. I’ve always thought how amazing it would be to go in Winter instead of Summer and it looks and sounds amazing, still a trip that I will have to save a lot for though 🙁 One day! xxx

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