Giving up the Cookies – Fear & Motivation

Hello fellow cookie monsters! After been sick with what was the longest flu/chest infection/head cold/cough EVER – I am getting back into the gym. I pretty much had a three week break from the gym and during that time I had two football trainings with two different teams BUT that’s a story for another day…or another paragraph read on!!

After working my butt off for weeks on end I lost 8 pound! HIGH FIVE KAT! I was so thrilled with myself. I was feeling good and looking even better (I joke). I got sick then and all my efforts seemed like a million years ago and I thought I would find it difficult to get off my arse (sorry for bluntness) and get going again. WELL, I type this as I sit in absolute agony. Yep, I went back to the gym last night!

My first class back was a pump class, an hour long version as well as I went after work. We now have a Goodlife gym across from our apartment meaning I can go there as well. No excuses now eh!! 😉 The class was sooo tough but once I got into it I was like, I’ve missed this so much! The couch potato in me was so surprised. I kept motivated thinking about having a hot bod and I finished out the class. I managed to wobble home; my legs complete jelly and had a nice healthy salad for dinner. WHO AM I!!? 😀

Although I’m in the horrors now, I love that I know and can tell how hard I worked myself last night! I took tonight off to give my muscles a rest before football tomorrow night. I joined a different team from my last post. This new team are very fit and very successful out here and it’s gonna be a huge challenge for me personally to get to their level. I had my first training with them last week and although my chest acted up (following the viral infection), I kept going and had a really great time! It even rained a little and I felt like I was back in good ol’ Ballykelly!!

We have an swimming pool in our apartment building and they are currently filling it so I’m excited to be able to take a dip after work or even when my muscles get tight from the exercise  so on nights like tonight a swim may do me the world of good.

I’m planning on going to a class on Thursday eve as well, they have some dance fitness classes so I might give one of them a try and I’m hoping to get to a Kombat class at the weekend. After my three week break I’m determined to stay on top of things and tone my lil body up! Although I was afraid to check the weighing scales yesterday…

Here’s to keeping motivated! Whooop!

Till next time!

Kathleen xxx


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  1. Woo! Good on you for getting back into it! I have really been wanting to get fit and healthy lately, and my boyfriend is really prodding me to join the local 24 hour gym with him, which would be great as he really knows what he is doing there and could give me some guidance. I guess the only reason I haven’t given in yet is because of my health. I have an autoimmune disease and really struggle with exercise, as one of my symptoms is chronic fatigue syndrome. I don’t want to burn myself out nd get sick, but i desperately want to tone up my body! xx

    • Thanks for commenting lovely! 🙂

      I would give it a go, even start with something like a Pilates class that isn’t hardcore but shows results?

      Thanks for stopping by! 🙂 xxx

  2. Sounds like you are doing an amazing job! I’d love to go to classes at my gym as I used to really enjoy them but the timings are all a little awkward for now – you are lucky to have a pool you can get to so easily though!
    Keep up the good work and I’m sure you dont have too much to worry about with the scales! 🙂

    • Thanks love 🙂

      Yes I find in Ireland the classes are awkward as well. Oooh here’s hoping I don’t, I’ll brave them next week!! 🙂 xxx

  3. Well done you on the weight loss, that’s amazing! I know that jelly-legged feeling. It was leg-day on Monday for me and I can only just manage to stand up without groaning again today lol – and I’m about to get my arse to the gym to do it all again! Here’s to motivation! xx

    • Oh Scarlett, I’m still aching! I’m oh-ing and ah-ing with every move haha!

      Enjoy the gym, we can do this!! 🙂 xxx

  4. wooooow! you sound so motivated, it’s great to hear. I enjoy a post I can have a nice read. It’s cool you are challenging yourself with a new team. Dare I say I may go to a gym class once I’m ready and up for it, this summer! :))) keep it up, def encourages others

    • Thanks missy, I am trying so hard to keep motivated. I do allow myself some treats – bites of chocolate here and there but if I didn’t I would go crazy and binge!

      Do join some gym classes! They keep me so motivated as they push me more than just going to the gym! xxxxx

  5. That’s how you know you had an amazing workout , great job!!

    Meghan Silva’s Blog

    • Thanks a mill missy! I do like to have a soar day cause I know I worked hard! Now to brave footie tonight with my aching legs haha! xxx

  6. Jennifer Eccles

    Well done you! It’s so hard to get back into the swing of things when you’ve been unwell. I was squatting with weights yesterday and cycling the day before. The PAIN today is awful!!!….but worth it 😉

    • GO YOU! We have been doing the same exercises so I’d say you have the same pains as me! Think of our hot bods!! 😉 😀 xxx

  7. Well done you, keep it up! Fair play to you xx

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