Etihad Airways Review

A couple of weeks back I had the opportunity to sample the incredible Etihad Airways at their mobile exhibition in Croke Park Dublin. As a girl fascinated by air planes and of course luxury, I was in heaven during my personal tour that showcased Etihad’s seat and cabin types. Yes you read that right, cabins!

On the tour we started with the economy cabin and I was really impressed by their economy offering. Smart seats with a headrest, luxury cushions and more legroom than I’ve ever seen on an aircraft! In fact, their new smart seats come with a generous 32 inch seat pitch and sockets to charge up that iPhone. Their economy section went above and beyond what I have ever experienced before.


One thing I also loved about the economy extras was the eye mask you’re given. I love a nap when flying but I also love to enjoy my food on board and these unique eye masks have two sides – one for if you want to be woken to eat and one that states you’d rather be left alone! This really simple, unique touch brings your flying experience to the next level and I love it! How about those blankets as well!? They’re the best quality I’ve ever seen in economy!

Next up after the economy cabin, we had the business class cabin. The business class option was really spacious and it came with plenty of storage. I’ve flown business class with British Airways before and what I think distinguishes Etihad’s product from their competitors is that they’re business class seat is like a mini suite. You have to step into your own private area, something I didn’t have when flying business with BA. Of course the business class seat can also transform into a lie flat bed.


The next tier after business class is first class and wow, I was beginning to be blown away! Complete with your own private pod and sliding doors, first class is private, spacious and very luxurious. You can not only choose to lie flat during your flight, but you can also invite your travelling companion into your pod for your meals if you wish. Love it!


If you’re own private first class pod isn’t enough for you, you can choose to fly in one of the first class apartments on board. Yes you read that right. Imagine flying in your own private apartment on a long haul journey! The first class apartment was gorgeous and it comes with a separate bed and sitting area. It also has a vanity unit and room to enjoy a delicious meal and drink. The first class apartments are really popular with families as they’re very spacious and I can easily see why! Oh and did I mention that all Etihad cabin crew are trained by the same school who train the nannies for the Royal Family! Wowsers!


But, it does not end there because on my tour, they saved the best for last. The incredible Residence. Words cannot even begin to describe the incredible residence product. If you fly in a residence cabin, you will have your own private butler for your flight, your own lounge area, bedroom and bathroom with a shower. You will get to pre-decide what food you’d like on board, what drinks you enjoy, the flower type in your lounge area and so much more. Flying residence is really all about you and I believe a seat in the residence will set you back approximately $30,000! How is that for flying in style!


Check me out in my own private bedroom above! And did I mention that your cutlery is 18 carat gold!? WOWSERS!


Etihad Airways fly direct from Dublin to Abu Dhabi and from there to the rest of the world. Check out their website for the best flight deals, I know I will be because after this amazing introductory experience, I am dying to see the world with them.

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  1. Um… can you say life goals? The eye-mask is truly a clever little touch. Thanks for sharing.

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