Beauty Review: My Daily Skincare Routine with Eau Thermale Avene*

I mentioned that I was quickly falling in love with Eau Thermale Avene’s products in a skincare post a couple of weeks back. After having a skin consultancy done with my friend and super cool cousin Tracy who is a consultant for Eau Thermale Avene she gave me some products to try out. Ever since, they have been a part of my everyday skin care routie and I take my skin care seriously (on my face at least!!).

Out of all the products, there are three that I just cannot live without. They are AMAZING!


Firstly we have the Hydrance Optimale Light Hydrating Cream. This moisturiser ticked all my boxes from the first use. It is light, easy to blend, fast absorbing, leaves no traces of mildew and most importantly it leaves my skin feeling amazing!! I always feel really fresh and clear after using this. I use this when I get up in the morning and when I’m going to bed. It’s perfect for those who have normal to combination skin like me. For those with more sensitive to dry skin however, there is a richer alternative. This hydrating cream also has an SPF of 20. Tracy was so good in explaining the importance of having a daily SPF product on your face even on the cold winter days! Something I would never have considered.

Secondly we have the Extremely Gentle Cleanser which is another great product that I now use daily. It’s a light creamy texture and it is quite runny so a little bit goes along way! It cleans my face so so well and it never irritates my skin. It just leaves my skin feeling so so clear and clean. I like to use this every night to cleanse away the day!

And thirdly, we have a product that I had never even heard of before and now I love – Thermale Spring Water! Wow this stuff is just amazing!! I use it when I have redness or if I am working out (it’s so refreshing!!) or if I just need to freshen up my skin. I carry this little bottle in my handbag everywhere I go. It is literally what it says on the tin – it’s thermale spring water that is actually bottled at the source! There are other brands who bottle there’s in factories but Eau Thermale Avene only bottle their water at the spring in France meaning it’s as pure as it could possibly be! It also has great soothing and anti-irritating properties for those with skin problems.

Well there you have it! A review of three new to me products that I can never live without again!! I have loved them for months now and my skin feels so amazing from it! I have other products from the range that I am yet to try – if they are anything like these three they will not disappoint!


I’ve always been a supermarket brand kind of girl when it came to my facial products but this is definitely changing. I learned a lot about my skin from my excellent consultancy with Tracy and I have not looked back! Tracy tours around Ireland visiting various pharmacies to do these consultancies and to introduce the Irish consumer to Eau Thermale Avene. If you are interested in speaking with Tracy or to find out when she is visiting a pharmacy near you, you can contact her on her Facebook page SENSItrace right here. You can also check out the Eau Thermale Avene Facebook page here.

Until next time!

Kathleen xxx

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  1. Sounds amazing. I love fresh products like that. I always feel tempted to try them out.

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