Beauty Review: Cleanse Off Mitt*


It’s not to often that an extremely hyped up product is actually worth all the hype but in this instance, the Cleanse Off Mitt deserves every bit of praise and wonder it is receiving online.


I was sent this little blue beauty just before Christmas to review and try before it hit the shops (lucky me eh! :D) and I have been using it constantly ever since then!

So what is this wonder mitt all about!?

Basically, the Cleanse Off Mitt allows you to clean your face and even remove the heaviest of make up by just using water!! That’s right, the time of face wipes and soar eyes from using face wipes are gone! The Cleanse Off Mitt even removes water proof mascara.

As part of their #campaignbinthewipes I had admitted that I was a face wipe user. They were handy for my busy lifestyle and for removing heavy make up after a night out. Now though, I’ve learnt how damaging face wipes are to our skin and I know the importance of anti aging and I don’t wanna age!! This little mitt is SO good, it’s kind to my skin and it’s so affordable. Another perk? It’s also reusable!

Today, I caked on about ten layers of make up to show you my removal process in pictures because I am a firm believer that seeing really is believing!

So, all you gotta do is wet the little guy with some water (I used warm water) and then wipe off your make up! It’s as simple and easy as that!





During: cleanse-off-mitt-review


After: Cleanse-Off-Mitt-Review

cleanse-off-mitt-reviewEvery time I use my Cleanse Off Mitt, my skin feels clean, clear and fresh. When I use a face wipe however, I feel my skin goes dry.

I urge all of you to purchase the Cleanse Off Mitt and help your skin be healthier. By doing so, you are also promoting Irish and buying Irish which I find so important as well.

The Cleanse Off Mitt is starting to appear in pharmacies around the country but in the mean time, you can purchase it on Beauty Emporium’s website for €5!! How amazing is that price! It really is worth it!

Rating: The Cleanse Off Mitt deserves a 5/5 rating for sure! It’s amazing!

I better go wash mine now, all you need to do is wash it with a bar of soap and warm water and let it dry! How conveniently brilliant!

Let me know if you have or would try the Cleanse Off Mitt and if I have encouraged you to join #campaignbinthewipes make sure to follow Cleanse off Mitt on their Facebook and Twitter. Check out their website here.

Big Hugs,



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  1. Looks really amazing! I binned the face wipes a long time ago. They do more harm than good! I was wondering what type of skin you had? Mine is really, really sensitive and am worried this could be a bit harsh. I know it says for all skin types but you can never just trust the package!

    • Hey Joy, I have normal to combination skin. In saying that though, I find a lot of products are harsh on my skin. The mitt is really soft and I felt no irritation from using it xxx

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