Clayton Hotel Cork City Review – The Perfect Cork City Hotel

After a really quiet 2016, my other half and I decided that we needed a little break from wedding planning and so we decided to book a trip to Cork. Cork has always been one of our favourite cities and it was an easy choice when we were deciding where to go.

And, after taking to Twitter to get some recommendations on great 4* hotels in Cork, the Clayton Hotel Cork City (formally the Clarion Inn Cork) reached out to us about staying at their city center based hotel. Keep on reading to see what I thought of this hotel in my Clayton Hotel Cork City Review – The Perfect Cork City Hotel. 

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So off we took late on a Friday night after a week of working and we made our way down towards the rebel county. On arrival into the Clayton Hotel Cork City, we parked in the underground car park and headed for the lobby. It was late when we arrived, maybe around 8:30pm and we were hoping for an easy-stress free checkin. Luckily for us, we were greeted with a smile and the checkin process was seamless. Once we headed to our room, we were surprised to find we had a private balcony that overlooked the River Lee and our room was very spacious and elegant – exactly what we expected from a Clayton property.


We decided to eat in the hotel that night and quickly made our way back down to the on-site bar for dinner. We both opted for chicken wings and they were delicious. Unfortunately after a long journey down from Dublin and, after a week of working – they didn’t last long enough for me to get a photo! But I can confirm they were fantastic! 😀

Clayton Hotel Cork City – The Accommodation

We loved our room at the Clayton Hotel Cork City as it had everything we desired in a hotel room. It was spacious, it had a large flat screen tv, it had a small seating area, a spacious bathroom and most importantly, a very comfortable bed.

In fact, the bedding was exceptional and you could tell it was great quality. Another thing I loved about the bed were the pillows. No expense was spared when selecting the pillows at this hotel, they were fantastic!! And believe me, pillows can make or break a hotel stay for me. I also loved the Cork artwork around the room – it was stunning.

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Clayton Hotel Cork City – On-site Amenities

The Clayton Hotel Cork City, although a city center hotel offers a fantastic range of amenities on-site. The hotel features an on-site bar, restaurant, atrium sitting area, coffee shop, a swimming pool, gym and an underground car park (€12 per night for hotel guests). There is also a spa on-site.

Another thing I would rate highly was the breakfast service. We opted for a B&B stay (cause who doesn’t love a hotel fry after a night in a hotel!) and the choice and breakfast was fantastic. I missed not having hash browns though!



Clayton Hotel Cork City – Location

I loved the location of this hotel. In fact, a lot of the time when we go away in Ireland, we end up choosing hotels outside of cities to get the amenities we enjoy in a hotel but the Clayton Hotel Cork City really did offer it all and in a fantastic location. We didn’t need to take our car out of the car park to explore the city and we spent our weekend walking around Cork from our central location. Within walking distance you can find historic sites, excellent shopping and endless restaurants and bars. It was perfect. The view over the River Lee was also fabulous and lovely at sunrise.

Overall thoughts on the Clayton Hotel Cork City

Overall, I was really impressed with this hotel and it honestly ticked all of my boxes. Relaxing, luxurious, friendly staff and good food. What more could you want! I was also really impressed with the chocolates on our pillows each night and also being offered complimentary bottles of water on check out for our trip home. These details, although small, really make you feel cared for and I was really impressed by them.

The only two things I would pinpoint for the hotel to improve on would be the quality of the towels in the bathrooms and also the water in the shower wasn’t hot in the very early morning hours so we had to wait until around 9-10am to shower.

Would these two items deter us from staying at the Clayton Hotel Cork City again? Absolutely not – in fact, I’m sure that next time we visit Cork City, it’ll be this hotel we’ll book into again. It was the whole package for us and I can confidently say that the Clayton Hotel Cork City is the Perfect Cork City Hotel.


If you’re planning a trip to Cork City, check out the Clayton Hotel Cork City’s website here.

Always Wandering,


Disclaimer: The Clayton Hotel Cork City offered us one night of our stay complimentary. We paid for the second night of our stay and as always, all views are my own. No money exchanged hands in exchange for this review. 

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  1. I love this hotel. The amenities are great, you made an excellent choice and I can imagine the rooms are every bit as fab as the rest of the property

  2. Very cute hotel! It’s always a pleasure to be surprised with a room that has a view 😀

  3. Ah I lam be Cork, the room in the hotel is class! The clock is ticking can’t wait to see you in your wedding dress ahhhh
    Siobhan xx

  4. What a charming hotel. Lovely view, too. I’ve always been curious about Cork so this is a great first look!

  5. What a beautiful hotel, will have to check it out when I’m there!

  6. This looks like a lovely hotel. I agree with you on the pillow quality. Bad pillows can really ruin a stay for those of us who like a certain type of pillow. It’s always a bonus when your hotel is situated so that you can walk around town rather than having to depend on a car to get you everywhere.

  7. I loved Cork!! Have been there a few years back and especially liked exploring the area around the Kerry way, not sure you came across this. We had a cute little cabin then. The hotel here looks really modern, lucky you to have gotten the first night for free!
    xx finja |

  8. Lovely view! Why is Cork “rebel county?” I managed to visit Cork for a few hours during a day trip from Dublin back in 2011. Went to Cobh as well.

    • I’m not sure tbh lol – its just what we know it as 🙂 I must do some research! 🙂 I visited Cobh on my trip as well and found it a lovely little town 🙂

  9. The hotel looks great. I vaguely remember seeing the Clarion years ago (but we stayed at a hostel) and the location is pretty good! On the list if I’m ever back there!

  10. Looks like an amazing hotel! And when you said that the pillows were fantastic, I would definitely go there! Looking at your pictures, this place is very inviting.

  11. Wow, what a great set of photos! I have never been to Cork, but definitely will look the Clayton Hotel Cork the next time I’m visiting. I love the comfy bed, which is an essential for any hotels! Thank you again!

  12. I’m planning on moving to Cork in September, though this is in the early stages of planning. This hotel looks great, nice to know that you enjoyed the city as well!

  13. The hotel looks really nice. Pillows are very important for the bed I must agree with you. We have stayed in many hotels where the pillows are either too small or not comfortable at all. Have a wide array of amenities is always nice. It is great to be able to enjoy the bar and restaurant in a hotel for a good price as well.

  14. That hotel just looks perfect. A nice location I believe. Loved the on-site services provided.

  15. It is a great property. I like the subdued colour palette of the rooms and the lounge. Thanks for providing such intricate details.

  16. looks fabulous! i would love to have a staycation here. I wasn’t able to go to Ireland when I was in the UK last month but when I come and visit, I’ll remember this place.

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