Beauty Review: CATRICE Nail Lacquer 24 The GlamoureX Factor

It’s seven sleeps til Christmas day and what better way to get festive than have super glittery, fabulous nails! I’m been drooling over all the gorgeous nails polishes that are out for the festive season but I really did need to buy a budget one this year to suit my current very low bank account!


I was in my local chemist and seen this gorgeous CATRICE nail polish and I instantly loved it! I’ve had their polishes in the past and I’ve always been impressed with the great color and shine. I wondered if this beauty would be just as delicious on my nails as it was in the bottle! So let’s see!

The Product:
This polish is from the Nail Lacquer range and it’s 24 The GlamoureX Factor. I love the name, it so suits this glamourous high shine polish! The bottle is a standard CATRICE size at 10ml and it set me back a tiny €2.99!! How amazing is that!

This was such a nice polish to apply. The first coat gave really good coverage and I was impressed with how the glitter set on first swipe! Have a look!


It takes a tiny two coats to have your nails fully festively fasbulous and the polish dries so quickly. I had to part with all my polishes before leaving Toronto so I am yet to buy a top coat to cover this polish but to be honest, it doesn’t need it! It’s super high shine and lasts about 4-5 days before chipping!

Rating: I’d definitely give this polish a 5/5. It’s probably the best I’ve ever owned!


This little beauty needs to be in all of your collections, trust me! 🙂

What do you gals think?


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