Amazing Mexico

Amazing-Mexico (5)

Hello gals! If you follow me on my social networks you will know that I am just back from an amazing week in Mexico! It was my first time visiting Mexico and my god, I was blown away. Our hotel was amazing, the beaches were amazing, the people were amazing and the sunshine and temps were amazing! We stayed in ...

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My Three Favorite Places in the World


I’m feeling all passionate about travel this morning. I was cleaning the house and I had my iTunes on shuffle, on comes Empire State of Mind and I’m transported to one of my favorite places. It’s amazing how a song does that to you isn’t it? So leading on from this, I thought’d I’d talk about my three favorite places ...

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Rodeo Drive Beverly Hills 90210

I work in the travel industry and as part of my amazing job I get to travel to the USA. In September I had the privilege of flying business class to LA where I spent a week touring Southern California. While in LA, I actually stayed on Rodeo Drive 90210!! This was surreal. Sleeping among stores like Chanel, Rolex and ...

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Lanzarote Part Two: The Beautiful Scenery

Eeeep I’m typing this post from my brand new laptop yay! My last one which I’ve had for about 7 years started to die as we left Toronto last year and it’s great to finally have my own new one to type on! 🙂 So it goes without saying that Lanzarote is one of my all time favorite countries to ...

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New York State of Mind

I’m sure most of you know by this stage that I am a huuuuge fan of the Big Apple. I love everything about it; the shopping, the sites, the excitement, the crowds, the atmosphere, the busy streets – the lot! New York was the first place I ever went in the US and as a teen girl on my first ...

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Squidgy Travels: Harvard University

Hey everyone! It’s been so long since I’ve posted about my trip so today I wanted to tell you all about our afternoon in the stunning campus of Harvard University! Harvard University is a quick subway spin from Boston and our ticket cost $2.50pp each way to get there. Once you arrive, the subway is right outside the entrance to ...

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