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Top Tips for booking a Multi-Destination Honeymoon / Holiday


When it came to our honeymoon, I (we) knew, that one destination just would not be enough and so the plan was to always visit 2-3 destinations as part of the trip. So how did we decide what to do, where to go and what to do first? Well, there was a number of factors that influenced this. From those ...

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10 Free Things to do in Las Vegas

free-things-to-do-in-las-vegas (2)

Las Vegas, although one of my favourite US destinations is quite an expensive place to visit. Getting there is cheap and great deals on Las Vegas flights and hotels are almost a given but once there, you’ll need plenty of spending money. To help you plan a budget friendly trip, I’ve listed the top 10 Free Things to in Las ...

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Free things to do in New York City


New York City is renowned for being an expensive destination but what many don’t realise is, that you can see so much of this amazing city on a very limited budget. If you are visiting NYC in the near future, be sure to add all of these amazing free things to do in New York City to your bucket list! ...

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How to find great Travel Deals


I love a good bargain and there is no better feeling than finding a brilliant travel deal. Although many think its expensive to travel, (heck I get asked how I afford it all the time!), travelling is quite easy if you know where and how to find a great bargain, whether it be on flights, a hotel or a weekend ...

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Christmas Present Ideas for the Travel Lover in your Life


Yay! Its festive season and I personally am loving all of the buzz and build up to Christmas AND its only November! πŸ˜€ Christmas time is alive and well in the retail world and as a result, I’ve seen dozens of gift guides in the past week or two. These gift guides though are all focusing on the latest beauty ...

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50 Things to do in Orlando


Orlando, the theme park capital of the world Β is pretty much the funnest place on earth and I’ve been lucky to have been there quite a few times. What’s great about Orlando is that they are always reinventing the wheel and every year, there are new attractions, roller-coasters, rides and so much more added to its already impressive profile. When ...

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