Amazing Mexico

Amazing-Mexico (5)

Hello gals! If you follow me on my social networks you will know that I am just back from an amazing week in Mexico! It was my first time visiting Mexico and my god, I was blown away. Our hotel was amazing, the beaches were amazing, the people were amazing and the sunshine and temps were amazing! We stayed in ...

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Recent Slimming World Meals


Hey all, I joined back Slimming World this week after a short break following my injury. I feel so motivated and I’m hoping it will show on the scales on Thursday! When joining back I decided to join a different group and although I’m only in the new group three days, the support and encouragement has been phenomenal. This is ...

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Eating Healthy at Work


My office is always full of yummy chocolate treats and at times it’s hard to eat healthy surrounded by it all. I make a conscious effort on a daily basis to fill up on fruit throughout the day so that I stay fuller for longer. My desk always has my staples; pink lady apples and mandarin oranges but I do ...

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Five Little Things that make me Happy!


I had a really positive few days and I’ve got to thinking about all the little things that make me happy. I’ve had big things happen in the last few years like moving to Toronto, getting engaged and getting our first home but it’s the little day to day things that mean just as much! These are some little things ...

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Tips to Reduce Anxiety


I never talk about the fact that I have anxiety on my blog. This is probably the first mention of it ever but I do indeed have anxiety and I live with it everyday. Anxiety to me is like a little dark cloud that appears every so often and follows me around. It’s hard to explain if you’ve never experienced ...

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Slimming World I’m One Stone Down!

Ah I was a happy lady last Wednesday when I just about made my one stone weight loss at Slimming World! I was thrilled! I struggled during the month of January to be strict with myself and so my weight loss has been very slow. Still, I battled through it with my goal of losing one stone by end of ...

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