Beauty Review: Aqua Mineral Velvet Touch Hand & Body Lotion*


Hi lovelies! Today I wanted to review a fabulous beauty product that I received before Christmas. Aqua Mineral Ireland is part of a global range of luxury beauty products. The Irish branch of this company is ran out of the lovely Co Cork. I received the Aqua Mineral Velvet Touch Hand & Body Lotion to try out and I was curious to see if this would finally be the hand cream for me! (We all know how fussy I am with hand creams!).

The Product:
Aqua Mineral products are made from ancient Dead Sea salts and minerals which are famous for their health and beauty benefits. There are three Velvet Touch Hand & Body Lotion versions in the range and the one I received was Delicate Dew. My bottle was a 125ml bottle and the packaging is really sleek and stylish. I loved it.


The lotion is made up of all kinds of wonderful skin enhancing ingredients including:

  • Dead Sea minerals
  • Sesame seed oil
  • Jojoba Oil
  • Vitamin E
  • Ginseng

The body and hand lotion promises to promote your skins well being and slow down effects of aging. (Something I need to do now that I’ve turned 25!! 😀 )



For me, the biggest no no with a body lotion or moisturiser is if it doesn’t absorb quickly. I don’t suffer from dry skin so it’s important for me to use a lotion that quickly absorbs into the skin. If there is any sort of an oily residue I pretty much won’t use a product ever again.

My Aqua Mineral Velvet Touch Hand & Body Lotion left no trace of residue on my skin! Straight away because of this, I was sold. A small amount of cream goes a really long way with this product and for me, that is also another deal maker. It means that I can get more out of my luxury body lotion.


I’ll be honest and say I’ve only ever bought super market brands before but this is definitely worth the small extra spend. Retailing at €19.95, this 125ml will see you through. It smells devine, it’s fast absorbing and it supports a local Irish business.

In the New Year which is now here (oh how time flies!), make sure to keep an eye out for the Aqua Mineral range in pharmacies around the country! For now though, you can check out their full range of products here. If you are not from Ireland, fear not, you can order online from your country too! 😀 I would also love you to show some support to Maria on Twitter by following the Aqua Mineral Ireland Twitter account here.

I really did love this body lotion and I have been using it all over Christmas to keep my skin feeling smooth while looking super healthy and glowing!

I would rate this product 5/5. The high rating comes from me literally having no complaints about the product. High five to fast absorbing moisturiser!

Have you tried any of the Aqua Mineral Ireland range?

Until next time!
Kathleen xxx


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  1. Great review and a handy size to keep in the handbag.

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