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Hi lovelies, this review is a little different from what I normally do but it’s quite a special one! I was contacted on Twitter a couple of weeks back by the lovely team at Annabelle’s Wigs, they asked would I be willing to try one of their products and review it.

I was apprehensive about trying a full wig (I like my hair) but when I seen they had Hair Bun Pieces I knew I wanted to give one of these a go! I ordered the Top Bun hair piece in Brown and within a few days my little beauty arrived!

To give you a little background to my hair; it is very healthy and it is my natural color. My hair is a dark brown with black underneath – I discovered this when taking the snaps for this post! Although my hair is very healthy, it is thin and making a big hair bun is difficult for me.

When my bun arrived I was delighted to see it matched my brown hair color! The product came in good packaging and it had care instructions attached which I was hoping for! It was also really healthy looking and had a good shine.



Before using the product, I pulled my hair into a high pony tail and then twisted the pony tail into a little bun. Once I done this, I popped the hair bun piece over my own little bun. I wondered how I would hold it in place but it comes with a tightening string! The hardest part with this was tucking the string and tightener inside of the bun once it was on.


I was really happy with how the bun looked on me and how it matched with my brown hair color so well. I took some photograph’s of the piece with the flash on and the flash off to give you an idea of how the bun looked under different light influences. You can see my black hair coming through when my hair is tied back but I still think the bun looks great with it!

Without Flash: 

You can see below that bobby pins may be needed to clip in lose pieces of hair. I didn’t want to use them for the review so you could see the product itself.

Annabelles-Wigs-Top-Hair-Bun Annabelles-Wigs-Top-Hair-Bun

With Flash: 




Overall I think my Annabelle’s Wig Top Bun is a really good quality hair bun. I do have the hair donuts to create my own top bun but when you don’t have thick hair I think this is a much nicer alternative. I’ve worn mine a few times already and I’ll definitely be wearing it some more!

Would you wear a wig or top bun? What do you think of my bun?

Check out Annabelle’s Wigs website for a full list of all their fabulous products.


Kathleen xxx

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  1. That bun looks lovely, I’d love to try some clip in hair bits, never even tried extensions before x

  2. That’s a really good match for your own hair colour, love it! Such a good idea.

  3. It looks so natural! My hair is way too short for a bun but maybe someday I’ll be able to try it out!

  4. This is such a great idea! I love it 🙂 I have so much trouble doing top knots with my thin hair so this would be perfect for me 🙂 xx

  5. Looks awesome! I’d love to try a wig 🙂

    Katie <3

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