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Hello gals! If you follow me on my social networks you will know that I am just back from an amazing week in Mexico! It was my first time visiting Mexico and my god, I was blown away. Our hotel was amazing, the beaches were amazing, the people were amazing and the sunshine and temps were amazing!

We stayed in the Dreams Sands Resort and Spa which is in the Hotel Zone area of Cancun. We had a sea view and I have to say, I could get very used to waking up beside the Caribbean Sea everyday, let me tell you that!

Amazing-Mexico (2)

The beach was the focal point of our trip to be honest. We really just wanted to go somewhere amazing to unwind after all the stress of getting our own home and Mexico really was perfect. The temperatures were a lot higher than what I had expected and they reached 38 degrees daily! It. Was. So. Hot.

I love the heat and I love sunbathing (safely) but I used to be in the shade by 11.30am everyday. I couldn’t handle it! Shocker for me tbh!!

Amazing-Mexico (3)

I lived in the sea, the color of the water was just something else. It was my favorite thing about the whole trip! I also loved the sunsets and I watched them every night…apart from that one night where we both fell asleep about 5pm and woke up at nearly 11pm, we missed the whole night hahahaa!!! πŸ˜€

Amazing-Mexico (4)

Amazing-Mexico (5)

Over the next few days I’ll share my beach essentials with you and also what I read while on holidaysΒ as I got through three really good books so stay tuned for those! If you have any requests for other holiday type posts, please leave a comment below πŸ™‚

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  1. Such beautiful pics looks like an amazing holiday!!

  2. looks like bliss!

  3. fab photos! I’m off the Mexico in a few weeks, did you go on any trips you’d recommend?x

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