Achill Island – The Most Mindful Place in Ireland

Achill Island – The Most Mindful Place in Ireland – A statement I honestly believe to be true. A few weeks back we decided to head over to County Mayo for a couple of nights and we had the most amazing time. High on our to do list was Achill Island.

I’d never been before and had heard many stories of its beauty. So, we decided to get up early on our second day in Mayo and head even further West to this stunning Island. Connected to the mainland by a little bridge, Achill Island was only a short drive from Westport and it took us approximately 45-60 minutes to get there by car.


Along the way, we stopped many times as the views were just incredible. The weather wasn’t the best but the drama of the moody sky and the drizzling rain, just added to the charm of what we had in store.

In a nutshell, Achill Island blew me away! 


I had read online before we went to follow the road into Achill, the whole way to Keem Bay, and while tricky and tight in parts, this was worth every moment of eeeek and aaaahs en route! Keem Bay was STUNNING. Following the winding road down to the Bay, I just couldn’t stop saying ‘Oh My God!‘. I just couldn’t get over the colour of the water, it matched the surrounding cliffs in that it was so green and so clear.


We enjoyed a stroll here and with the weather not being amazing, we essentially had the beach to ourselves. A moment that has led me to describe Achill Island as the most mindful place in Ireland.

If you live a busy life and you need to place yourself somewhere you can truly switch off, Achill Island and Keem Bay are where you need to visit. I’ve never felt more peaceful and detached from the world and the online world, which is somewhere I spend so many hours living in my every day life. The break, the moment and the views encouraged incredible mindfulness for me and I can’t wait to go back and breath in again. Keem Bay is truly magical. It is incredible.




So whether you’re Irish and looking for a weekend away, or perhaps you’re visiting Ireland on an Irish vacation, I cannot recommend a road trip to Keem Bay, Achill Island enough. Its a step back in time and oh what a step it is!

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  1. What a beautiful place!!!! Great photos.

  2. I love it, I’m an island person through and through, so this all looks fabulous to me! Ireland has lots and lots of place like this though.

    I did a road trip through Ireland when was at university. I was writing my dissertation on the Iron Age bronze horns of Ireland (the musical instruments), and we drove all around Ireland to visit sites and museums to study them. Unfortunately, we didn’t pop into Mayo. On the west coast we only went as far north as Clare. It’s a shame I know because we missed out on a lot by not going there.

  3. I wish I lived so close to a lovely place like this! And now I’ve added this to my list of places to visit. The more blogs I read the longer that list gets!

  4. This looks like a fantastic place. That second photo looks like what I always think of when thinking of ireland. How big is the island?

  5. You know, I need to go to Ireland as part of my EU Travel Challenge but I’d prefer not to do Dublin. Not sure why so love alternative options to go see. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Wow keem bay looks beautiful. I really need to get over to Irland and discover where my family came from! Being 1/2 Irish you’d think they’d have taken me over at some point in my 27 years eh!!

  7. We were all over Ireland a few months ago and we did not even know this place existed. It looks so peaceful and relaxing. We also stopped so many times while driving through Ireland to capture the beauty. Truly a beautiful country

  8. I love Ireland, and the remoteness and natural beauty of the place. Case in point Achill Island! It looks so pretty, green, clean and with no-one around! Pretty much perfect if you ask me.

  9. Your photos are amazing! I’d love to visit Ireland one day. Are the sheep friendly? You were able to get such a close up shot!

  10. I love Achill. It is one of my favourite places to unwind whatever the weather. Great post. Loved it

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