5 Top Tips for Long Haul Flights

I travel approximately four times a year and so I am no stranger to airports or airplanes!

With the USA being my favourite destination, I’m also no stranger to long haul flights and I always believe in being prepared before I take on a long haul journey.  With that in mind, here are 5 of my top tips for long haul flights.


1. Bring plenty of water

This has to be the most important thing for me. When you get through security, be sure to purchase minimum 2 litres of water for your long haul flight. So many people don’t actually purchase water, thinking they’ll just get it on board but most airlines only serve tiny glasses of water at certain intervals. When you fly, your body suffers dehydration and so its so important to keep drinking water. I always purchase 2 litres of water for my long haul flights. Its also really handy for when you’re on the other side in a taxi transfer to your hotel / destination. Foreign drivers are crazy after all and so you may be glad of a drink if feeling nauseous!

2. Take care of your skin

Flying is not good for your skin and its really important that you look after your skin on board. I am a big fan of Vaseline for flying as I mainly suffer with my lips on board. They get really dried out and I like to have Vaseline on hand to lock that moisture in. I also recommend bringing a small hand cream and face cream as well and be sure they are under 100ml or they will be taken off you at security!

3. Pack socks

Airplanes are cold and although I love the blankets that you get given on board long haul flights, they’re often not long enough to cover my feet! Therefore I always bring an extra pair of socks in my bag and I always use them as well! Socks can also help with keeping swelling down if you suffer with that on flights.

4. Pack snacks

I learnt this the hard way when I had a 9 hour flight to Las Vegas and craved chocolate half way there! I was totally starving and the tuck shop on board the flight didn’t have any chocolate nibbles for me. I normally carry a bar with me, but a tight connection meant I didn’t have time! In future, I will always give myself enough time!

5. Bring a pen

Nine times out of ten, when you’re travelling long haul, you’ll have some sort of visa or customs card to fill in and there is nothing worse than not having a pen! Always carry a pen in your hand luggage!

So there you have it, 5 top tips for long haul flights! I could on and name 20 more including entertainment etc but lets leave it at the main ones of the moment! What are your top tips for long haul flights? Share them in the comments below!

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  1. I always catch up on Podcasts when I fly. It makes the time pass quickly.

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