5 Tips on how to deal with Travel Envy

This is a post that’s very fitting for me at the moment. I feel unmotivated, I feel down, I feel like I’m never going to see an airplane again… You guessed it, I have travel envy. At the moment I’m planning and paying for my wedding and let me tell you, its an expensive thing to do! With that in mind, I have no big trips this year, nothing in the near future to keep me going and to be honest, I have the worst travel envy ever.

I know 99% of my posts are positive and happy and that’s the way I like it but this travel bug of mine, that I’ve had my whole entire life, isn’t always rosy in the garden.

Now I am totally aware I travel a lot more than most and I’ve seen a lot of the world for my age but without travel, I get sad. With that in mind, here are my top 5 tips on how to deal with travel envy! I’m following each of these every day  to get myself through this year.


1. Book a Small Getaway in Ireland (or your home country)

Weekend breaks down the country are *somewhat* keeping me going this year. They are inexpensive, easy to get to and a fabulous change of scenery! Do your research before you book and keep an eye out for deals! Also be sure to make the most of bank holiday weekends! I recently went to Wexford on a bank holiday and the three nights away, felt like a week!

2. Plan ahead for a trip next year

This is what I am doing at the moment in the form of my honeymoon. I’m dying without a holiday this year but having my honeymoon to plan towards is helping. Its not in the near future but it will be 2017 before I know it and my epic honeymoon will make up for a boring 2016!

3. Book early and get those deals

This kind of follows on from the above but plan ahead and you’ll get the best value and deals. This will allow you travel next year at a great price, if you can’t afford to travel this year. Knock money off the booking every week if booked with an agent and make use of the likes of Booking.com for hotel bookings without needing to pay in full.

4. Follow Travel Bloggers in Snapchat

Snapchat is my virtual holiday world this year! I’ve been scoping out anyone who is away so that I can experience destinations around the world through their eyes. Its keeping me going because updates are real time and in five minutes, I might get to see 10 different destinations from around the world!

5. Look at photos from your past trips

I’ve been doing this a lot lately. Looking back at all my old adventures reminds me just how blessed I’ve been to have been to so many places around the world. Its helping me to be mindful when I feel like throwing a no holiday tantrum (yes they happen! lol!).

In a nutshell, we will all have points in our lives when we are unable to getaway. Weddings, buying houses, having kids and many other factors will come into play and its not always easy staying in the one spot for so long. 2016 has been a tough year for me, but I’m trying to hang in there and make the most of my weekends. And I’m sure when our big day rolls around next year, this will all have been worth it! 🙂

Do you get travel envy? I’d love to know I’m not alone! Comment below and let me know.

Always Wandering,



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  1. First of all, congrats on getting married! Second, I love this post because I have travel envy All. The. Time. With a full-time job and real life getting in the way sometimes, I definitely don’t travel as much as I’d like to. I definitely agree that taking small getaways is key. I often take weekend trips around the U.S. to ebb my travel envy for a while as well as try to always be planning for a couple of big trips a year.

  2. One of my favourite ways to avoid travel envy is to get stuck into a good book, often the scenery and places described get me through and kind of make me feel like I’ve been.

    I’ll definitely look into a trip to Ireland though, I never thought of that.

    Rosy | Sparkles of Light Blog

  3. These are some great little pointers – I think a ‘staycation’ is always a good idea for when we get itchy feet but can’t leave the country. I’d also add exploring something new in your local area – pretending to be a tourist even when you’re not is always fun!

  4. I know the feeling all too well Kathleen! It’s like you said we are very blessed to be able to see so much of this wonderful planet, but once you’ve started it’s really really hard to stop. You’re definitely not alone with the travel envy, in fact I think even people who travel every other week get it. Planning your next trip definitely helps!

    Good luck with the wedding planning!
    Maria x

  5. This state of mind is so real and sometimes hard to deal with. Nice post on your thoughts and suggestions.

  6. Great post Kathleen – love your travel writing and photography!

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