My top 10 tips for booking and flying Ryanair

I’ve always been anti Ryanair. I guess it was the fear of the unknown and the fear of hidden costs that put me off. However, as my need for travelling grows more and more everyday, I do find myself on the Ryanair website looking for deals quite regularly. This week I flew with them for my first trip and I had a great experience for the low price I paid. Of course in true travel blogger style, I analysed every aspect of my experience and thought I’d share my tips! So here are my top 10 tips for booking and flying Ryanair!


1. Sign up for E-Bulletins

I don’t pay much attention to a lot of e-bulletins but I’m always tuned into Ryanairs because they are famous for their flash sales! And it was the result of a sale ebulletin that provoked me to book my latest and first trip wtih them to Liverpool. I got return flights for €10 each way and when I saw these amazing fares, I jumped at them and booked them on the spot! €20 return from Dublin to Liverpool!? That’s a deal in my eyes!

2. Travel on weekdays

If you can, try and travel on weekdays. Not only will this give you a nicer, more relaxed experience on your trip, it means you are getting the best deals on flights (and hotel!). Travelling on weekends can be a lot more expensive due to demand.

3. Check out where the airports are

Ryanair are known for flying you into airports that are miles from your destination and although I haven’t had this experience, its good to note it! Be sure that when you are booking flights that you book the best airport for the city/destination you are visiting. No one wants a two hour bus journey after a two hour flight!

4. Checkin online before you travel

This is essential. You need to checkin online before your journey as you may not be able to do this at the airport. Don’t worry, Ryanair will send plenty of reminder emails to advise you to do this in the run up to your trip!

5. Book priority boarding – Its worth it!

When I was checking in online, I was prompted to add on A LOT of add ons…hey its Ryanair after all! But one thing that did catch my eye was the option of Priority Boarding! At just €2 each way, this was a great purchase and it meant we got to board the plane first. I hate queues and so this was the best €4 I ever spent!

6. Leave the heavy luggage at home

I’m a girl who doesn’t pack light but I’m learning to survive on trips away with hand luggage and its worth it! I save so much and now that Ryanair don’t charge for hand luggage, its even more of a win win! You must however, make sure your hand luggage fits their dimensions and they do have testers at the airport. Luckily I avoided these on my trip – I’m pretty sure my cabin bag is bigger than the dimensions lol!!


7. Assign your seats in the very front or the very back rows

When travelling, I always assign my seats near the back of the aircraft and on my recent trip, I did this for two reasons:

  1. I had a carry on suitcase and wanted to have room to have it above me in the cabin and not miles away.
  2. Before I had priority boarding, I wanted to get on the plane quicker so that I could chill out and I booked the back. Little did I know, when flying Ryanair, you can board from the back of the aircraft as well as the front so we got on super fast! However, getting off the aircraft was slow so I would book the very back 1-2 rows next time so that I can make a speedy exit!

8. Be prepared to run to your gate

I’m notorious for arriving early at the airport (hey, who wants to be rushing!) and while waiting for our gate to be announced we had some breakfast. The one thing I noticed with Ryanair is that it doesn’t give you an advance time of when the gate is announced, it literally goes from ‘gate info soon’ to ‘go to gate!’. There is no inbetween, so once your gate is announced, be sure to leggit down to it! You won’t have time to watch the planes take off boo!

9. BYOS – Bring your own snacks! 

If you’re on a long Ryanair flight, for example Dublin to Lanzarote, you’re going to get peckish! Avoid the high cost of goods on board and pre-pack all of your snacks for your journey. It will save you money!

10. Take the service with a pinch of salt

When you fly Ryanair, you’re paying for a budget experience so don’t fly with them expecting a first class service. Its cheap, its cheerful and it will get you from A to B for a low price. Take it for what it is and you’ll have a more pleasant flight. Although I must say the cabin crew on my flights were very friendly!

So there you have it, my top 10 tips for booking and flying Ryanair! I have to say that after my first trip with them, I am definitely going to use them again! With that being said, there’s a seat to Barcelona with my name on it I think! 😉

Always Wandering,


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  1. I always travel Ryanair when I can, it’s really handy as my family is spread across Europe and sometimes a flying visit (pun intended) is all that is needed. I’ve also been using the same carry on bag for over a decade, crap I’m old!

  2. I always miss the good bargains and flash sales where seats are €5 etc. I had a pretty bad experience flying Ryanair to Copenhagen, and even though I swore I wouldn’t fly with them again, my next flight is booked with them 😛

  3. I actually really like Ryanair. I think it’s one of those “you get what you pay for” kind of things. Of course, there’s no luxury, but most of the time they get me to my destination. For more luxurious flights, I actually really enjoy AirFrance!

  4. Far much better than the closest competitor (EasyJet).

  5. Margaret courtney

    Have to say I love Ryanair. No bad experiences so far. Got 2 euro each way flights to Leeds in Nov….what you see is what you get. Ryanair have rules. Follow them and you can’t go wrong…practically always on time.

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