5 Reasons to visit Cuba in 2016

Cuba is one of those destinations that’s like no where else in the world. It is quite literally one of the most fascinating, beautiful and heartwarming countries I’ve ever visited.


I visited Cuba when I lived in Toronto and we spent a week there. And while we did stay in the beach resort of Varadero, we visited the very unique city of Havana as well, to get a feel for what the ‘real’ Cuba was all about! With the American embargo soon to be lifted, I really recommend you visit Cuba asap before it becomes a country overrun by fast-food chains, known brands / stores and more.

With that in mind, here are 5 reasons to visit Cuba in 2016. 

1. Experience 1950’s Cuba 

Cuba is a country that is essentially stuck in the 1950’s. The city of Havana has not been touched pretty much since then due to strict local laws and to walk around it and experience it, in its original 1950’s style is just incredible. With everything from the big old 1950’s American cars to the small cobbled streets with the gorgeous, yet derelict buildings. Havana is something special. We took a tour around the city that brought us to key sites, cathedrals and more.


2. Varadero Beach = Paradise! 

I’ve seen my fair share of beaches and I’m very lucky to be able to say that. But the truth is, if someone was to ask me what’s the nicest beach I’ve ever been on, I would say Varodero beach hands down. With warm, turquoise, clear waters and soft white sand, Varadero Beach is just simply, paradise. What’s even better is I found the beach we were on pretty much secluded and everyday I felt like I was were on a deserted island. I’ve been to Mexico as well and as much as I loved it there, its not got a patch on Varadero Beach!

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3. The Cuban people are amazing

I’ve not met a friendlier nation that the Cubans. They don’t have much material things, which does make me sad but my word, they’re so incredibly happy, warm and oh so welcoming. The staff at our hotel were so attentive all the time and it wasn’t just for tips. In fact, you’re not allowed to tip staff in Cuba. Its a common law across the State but this doesn’t stop them from greeting you with a warm smile every chance they get.

4. Cuba has the best fish I’ve ever had

I love to eat fish and that’s quite lucky because going to Cuba, we were advised not to eat any beef, chicken or pork. Because Cuba is so poor, they can’t afford proper refrigeration and so its easy to get sick from the meats. Therefore, they specialise in fresh fish dishes and I do not lie, the best fish I’ve ever had was in Cuba. Out. Of. This. World! NOM!


5. The Weather is Gorge

Cuba is a Caribbean island, in-fact its the largest Caribbean island and the weather is just so so perfect! We visited at the end of hurricane season and although we had one (terrifying) thunderstorm, it lasted just one hour! The weather was amazing and the sunsets are incredible as well! If you’re looking for heavenly sunshine, Cuba’s your place!

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Cuba is one of the most fascinating and gorgeous places I’ve ever been and I really recommend everyone to visit it before the influx of McDonald’s and Starbuck’s! I’m so grateful to see it untouched and uncommercialised.  It really is the Caribbean at its best.



The hotel we stayed in was the 4* Breezes SuperClub Varadero and I do recommend when booking Cuba that you book a 4* up as they’re 4*’s would be a 3* at best for our standards.

Is Cuba on your bucket list?

Hugs & Love,



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5 Reasons to visit Cuba

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  1. I’m so jealous Kathleen! Cuba has been on my wanderlust list for I don’t know how long. Brilliant post 🙂

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