5 Reasons I love to Blog!


Blogging has been a hobby of mine for 5 years and its one that I still enjoy so much. Although I take healthy breaks from time to time, blogging is something I’m always thinking about and wanting to do. I’ve enjoyed blogging about many types of things such as beauty and fashion and travel and photography. I guess I like that my blog is my own space to do what I want! With that in mind, lets reflect on 5 reasons I love to blog!


1. Its like word vomit

I’m a talker and having a blog allows me to talk through another medium. I love to write down words / stories/ thoughts / reviews. and of course, travel adventures! I even write posts sometimes that I don’t publish.

2. It keeps me creative

Blogging gives me a channel to explore the things I love and to write about them. For example I’ve always loved photography and having somewhere to share my images allows me to continue to be creative. I get so excited when I share an image or story that I’m proud of.

3. A life look back

One of the main reasons I love to blog is that I love to be able to look back at old posts and see what my life was like at that moment in time. Its so easy to forget the little things in life and so by documenting them, I will have them there forever 🙂

4. The blogger community

I gotta say, the Irish blogger community are AMAZING! I’ve made so many lifelong friends from this hobby and that is so rewarding! I love my little blogging buddies!

5. I like to stand out

I’ve never been one to shy away from something and I love that being a blogger allows me to stand out. Its a great conversation starter and during those job hunting periods its a brilliant talking point. I like to stand out and being a blogger helps me do this.

I’m sure there are a million other reasons I love to blog that I’ll think of in the next hour but this is all my Friday brain can handle at the moment. 🙂 Although the above sounds all rosy in the garden, there are downsides too – maybe I’ll do a post on those another day though! 🙂

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  1. Love this. It’s always great to understand why people love to write.

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