31 Day Snap #2 – Poolside

Hey everyone! Here is my second photo of the day in my 31 day snap challenge! This one is of me about to jump into our amazing outdoor pool! This to me is so surreal because in Ireland we only dream of such luxuries but in Toronto having an outdoor pool seems the norm! I’ve gotten into the habit of swimming every evening after work and I find it’s the perfect way to get rid of stress after a busy day in the office! 🙂

Having a pool area is also helping with my tan….and my freckles! 😀

Kathleen xxx

Squidgy Moments

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  1. Aw, it must be lovely to be able to relax like that every evening without worrying about trying to get to a gym or a fitness centre x

  2. So jealous of your pool! I wish it was warm enough to have one get!

  3. This is exactly what I want to do, pool, sunbathe.. add a book and a nap! So cool, you can just pop to the pool whenever you like. 🙂 The photograph before this one, is lovely.. pretty lady!

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