The Grand Canyon

At the end of 2009, a week after my 21st Birthday I jetted off to New York City & Las Vegas with that wonderful man of mine. 😉 And whilst we were in Vegas, we went to the Grand Canyon.

Possibly one of the most breath taking places in the world.

We had decided to take the bus journey from Vegas so as to see some of America’s landscape. This bus journey was six & a half hours in both directions. But my word, it was worth every second of it. We had decided to visit the South Rim, which was one of the largest parts of the canyon. But I remember getting off the tour bus and thinking where is it!? As we walked through a small patch of trees, I just felt my breath going. I guess after not initially seeing it I perceived it to be smaller than what it was always made out to be but there it was in all it’s vastness and it’s hugeness – the incredible Grand Canyon.

Now as a short little girl, I always feel quite small in comparison to buildings etc but not even the huge sky scrapers in New York City made me feel so teeny. It was just amazing! I still find it hard to describe the experience of seeing the Grand Canyon, so I’ll let some of my pictures say all those things I cant find words for. The following are some pictures I took on that amazing, incredible, once in a life time 21st birthday trip. You will also see some pictures from Hoover Dam, the Colorado River & Williams Arizona.

Personally I love the contrast between the trees and the red rock of the Canyon.

I hope you enjoy them!

Kathleen xoxo

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