Sunny Thoughts

At the moment the wind is blowing my house sideways and I will be very surprised if I look out my window and my bean can of a car is still there, but there’s something soothing about being inside when outside is so stormy? So this soothingness (I know that’s not a word hehe) I’m feeling I’m going to channel into a blog post about my favorite season. A season we can’t help to think about when the weather is the way it is outside.

Ah summer, with your long evenings, bright mornings and warm temperatures. How I have missed you! I can’t wait for you to come so I can revert back to my denim knee length shorts, glad sandals and my awesome new Ray Bans! And even though we all know Irish Summers are pretty sucky, how can we not look forward to summer when we look outside our windows today!

It will be amazing to be woken up by birdies singing and a big yellow sun shining into my room and hurting my eyes before I even open them. Yes gentle ladies and gentlemen, I am a summer girl and days like this don’t stand a chance compared to the happy floaty days of summer that I love so so much.

Don’t you just love the smell of barbeques in summer!? Or even better eating barbeques in summer!? I am a fattie bum bum for those of you who do not know. 😛

But you see the thing about this summer is that I don’t know what it has in store. In fact I have no idea what’s in store! And as I am nearing the end of my current internship, I am starting to worry about what is next. But rather than worrying about the unknown I’m starting (or trying) to be positive and think, this is like an adventure!

This recession has thrown me a loof as I’m generally a girl who is extremely organised, who has her life mapped out and who always has her next step planned. Being thrown into this sudden unknown, isn’t easy for me but I’m learning to deal with it one step at a time and these thoughts of summer, make things seem a little bit easier for us all.

In a country and a climate that I thought I’d never see or live through I believe we need thoughts of a happy sunny summer to reassure us and keep us going!?

There’s no point in worrying about whether or not I will have a job this summer. I mean it’s not the end of the world and unfortunately, I just have to keep the chin up and see this as an opportunity to develop and explore.

Either way one thing is for sure, I cannot wait for bright evenings, walks along the canal and up in the woods, trips to the beach, playing basketball with my nephews, lazing about on my sun lounger whilst listening to my ipod, fighting with Winston the pug, drowning Paddy with the water hose, tweeting way too much, taking pictures, eating 99s, reading fashion mag after fashion mag and generally just being happy in myself.

I welcome the summer with open arms and a happy frame of mind, because as long as I have a lovely tan, sure everything else will work out! 😉

It seems so far away, but it really is only three months! We are almost there folks.

Here’s to summer 2011!

I can’t wait – can you!?

Kathleen xoxo

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