So what’s next…For my Blog & for my Life!?

Woooah! What a crazy few days this has been, not only did I eat a whole packet of Cadbury’s Fingers and wrestle a pug named Winston, I started my first blog and suprise suprise it’s a success story so far!? After smiling to myself like an eegit for the last two days and giving myself one too many slaps on the back (I am ridiculous!) I am now ready, steady & set to start actually blogging about topics!
Oh yes gentle ladies & gentlemen, I am about to get waaaay more interesting! (I hope!) So sit back, have your Wispa or treat of your choice by your side ready for munching and enjoy! Kat xoxo
One for the Graduates…
Today I got to thinking; Ireland is very much a big suck fest at the moment. The government is well, the government, the weather is getting colder and colder and for many a graduate alike, no opportunities really exist for us?! So after hearing on the radio that I am now a part of the “Lost Generation” I was pretty down in the dumps!? After four years hard work, who am I to be considered as a casualty of the “Lost Generation” and I realised….This is not the most important thing in the world!
It’s so super easy to get carried away with the negativity that is Ireland, but at the back of it all, the world is our oyster! I dedicate this blog post to all those pee’d off graduates who feel fed up with this climate. I say, let’s forget the negativity, let’s smile and be happy and ENJOYour young and youthful lives!
Positive. Mental. Attitude. A lesson I learnt back in my school days as a Meathael leader. It’s the key to kicking this recession riddled country up the arse and enjoying it as much as Father Ted enjoyed kicking Bishop Brennan up the arse!
And as Rachel Berry (who I love) once sang…when you’re smiling, when you’re smiling, the whole world smiles with you…let’s keep on smiling and enjoying our life’s and remembering the world is there for exploring! 🙂
Now… where can I get a visa outta here… 😉

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